ERC testimonial: Marco Fornerone

IoMarco Fornerone comes from Italy. He studied Theology in Rome and Yaoundé (Cameroon). He is a pastor in the Waldensian Church (reformed) and is doing a PhD in Hebrew Bible at the University of Lausanne. He has been in the board of SCM Italy. He has served as European ExCo member in 2010-2015, where he was part of the Personnel Committee. Since 2015 Marco is one of the two student members of WSCF Transition Team.

Being in the ExCo made me actively involved in two important dimensions of the life of the Federation: the regional and the global, getting to know the richness of each and their diversities, even if sometimes mediate between them have not been easy. I had a great time and learnt a lot being part of the ERC and I had the opportunity to broaden my WSCF experience, getting to know other contexts and the different ways of being SCMs there.

In these years I experienced the full meaning and complexity of the world “Ecumenical” that has to do with the whole Church beyond confessions and denominations as well as with the whole world the Church is sent to. This means that we have to understand, respect who and what is ‘other’, sometimes to challenge and question it and more often ourselves, in particular when being, like I am, a white male coming from the richer and (more imperialistic) part of the world. Only in this way we can call each other brothers and sisters and truly witness the Lord of the world.

ExCo has also been the place to learn and exercise responsibility, to bear it, when involved in decision making about the life of the Federation, that is the life of the people involved in it: staff in particular, but also SCMers, often facing very tough situations and relying on the solidarity and help of the broader WSCF community, that is something we are not so used to experience  directly in Europe.For all these reasons, serving as regional representative in the ExCo have been a great experience and an opportunity I’m thankful for.

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