ERC testimonial: Krista Autio

IMG_3875-150x150I served in the ERC as the Campaigns Coordinator from 2013. WSCF was a new organization for me, but since I was the ERA delegate of my SCM and got interested of the work they do, I decided to apply.

Campaigns coordinator post was quite new for the WSCF Europe, so all I had was the testimonial of the previous Campaigns Coordinator and lots of enthusiasm for the idea of European-wide campaign. Volunteering in WSCF Europe taught me a lot about NGO work in international student organization and gave me a broader picture of the benefits and challenges that ecumenical organizations currently face.

This opportunity inspired my theological thinking and growing. It has also given me lots of new friends, skills, experiences and inspired my mission in life as an ecumenical Christian who wishes to change the world for better.

Getting to know international students from different denominations all praying and worshiping together has diversified my spiritual life. Personal contacts has also helped me to understand different Christian heritages more, which I had been longing for some time. Meeting Christians all around the World has also strengthened my passion to work for justice and peace from Christian perspective, since getting to know to real people from conflict areas, development countries and having them sharing their context has been transformative for a person like me, who used to read about this all from the news and surveys.

ERC work has also varieted my language skills, since I wasn’t used to having meetings and reports in English. It has also increased my social skills and understanding of leadership, taking responsibilities, planning projects and writing reports. I have also learned to analyze problems and challenges of voluntary based international organizations and what is needed to success in this field. I have learned to be more analytical, resilient, open-minded and responsible. Growing to my role took time and lots of guidance from my counterparts, but for me it has been worth the effort.

I have learned so much important skills for working life and also discovered some of my own talents and weaknesses.

ERC started a process of personal growth in me, which I wish to proceed with.

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