Zuzana Babicová (Slovakia)

My name is Zuzka and I come from Slovakia where I am living and working now. My study background is in humanities-I studied English and German for my undergraduate degree. As I have always liked literature and philosophy I did a small shift for my later degree and I did it in Comparative Literature minoring in intellectual history. I was lucky to study it in Scotland which I enjoyed very much.

During those recent university years I have been involved in WSCF-E in various ways. After attending a few events,  which were for me challenging meetings and encounters that I enjoyed, I got more engaged in WSCF-Central European Sub-region activities. Later  during 2011-2013 I served as Theology and Higher Education Culture Events Coordinator as well as Vice Chair for WSCF-Europe. In 2013 I was elected to be the Chairperson thanks to SCMs!

In the next years I hope to work more toward inter-faith relations in WSCF-E. This has been an area that is close to me and concern me deeply and I think it is the right time for WSCF-E to be more active in this field. I am hoping to dedicate much of my energy in creating connections between WSCF-E and other religious organisations and enlarge our connections and experience we can have. I also hope to help our development of fund-raising efforts. WSCF-E needs to get much more active in fund-raising to supplement for still decreasing funds. We are also starting a new campaign dedicated to drawing an attention to refugees, which I am looking forward to working with the ERC as social justice and lack of solidarity is another problem that I see in my own country (as well as in others) every day unfortunately.

When I am off my work and off WSCF-E:),  I love to cook with my friends and family. I enjoy studying nutritions and what food we need to be healthy without always having such food that needs to be imported into a place where we live. Because quite a few people around me suffered seriously due to bad diets, I have grown to be deeply concerned about how we can help each other with knowledge about food that is available in our countries.

I am really looking forward to be involved with all the ERC and our staff during next years in work of WSCF-E. I hope next years will be full of challenges that inspire us all and new connections we can build.


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