Lingua Franca testimonial: Tzovinar Talyan

copy-of-picture_tsonivarTzovinar Talyan was born in 1991 in Armenia. She holds a BA in English Linguistics and Tourism. Currently she studies choir conducting at the Yerevan Conservatory. Besides her tremendous interest in different aspects of music Tzovinar also likes horseback riding, windsurfing, travelling, as well as watching football.

In summer 2013 I was blessed to be a part of the preparatory committee for Lingua Franca Summer camp. Through all the way that the pre com was passing for preparing and running the camp, there were laughs, tears, difficulties, personal and practical victories and a lot of other experience especially in team working. That way was full of obstacles, sometimes even bringing to disappointment in yourself and your abilities, sometimes even desperation; sometimes it was full of a lot of positive and lovely energy, but all this was not any longer important when I saw the result of the work we had done. I saw that all our efforts resulted in the creation of a small but diverse Christian community tied with strong bonds of love and warmness, and I would never change all the beautiful moments that I lived in that community with anything else.

This volunteering made me understand how important every single person can be in even a little change for better. This volunteering showed me how important it is to serve one another in love as Christ told us to do, because feeling that love and blessing through volunteering gives you the real freedom that perhaps every Christian is seeking. So I wouldn’t hesitate to repeat that I was really blessed to volunteer for Lingua Franca Summer Camp 2013.

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