Staff & Officers’ Meeting testimonial: Pavlina Manavska

PavlinaPavlina Manavska comes from Macedonia, and currently lives in Germany. From her high school days Pavlina is an active member and volunteer at the United Methodist Church in Macedonia. Pavlina serves as a Co-Opted member on the 2015-2017 WSCF-E Regional Committee.

Building bridges between young people coming from different places, making connections, getting to know the otherness, meaning learning more about yourself is what WSCF Europe helped me with and made me realize that I need to become even more active. None of this would have happened if the staff from WSCF Europe weren’t so supportive and willing to reflect upon all of the participant ideas and work to accomplish them. Even though there is no SCM in Macedonia, we only have an active Youth Group at the Methodist Church; I was a participant at two conferences so I could actually learn more about it. After the conferences I got really motivated into becoming a part of WSCF. I got an email from the Links coordinator Maria Kozhinova asking whether there was an option to organize Staff and Officers Meeting in Skopje. At first I was delighted and honored. But as the questions came about venue, meals, transport I have to admit it involved a lot of research. To my big surprise there were 27 delegates coming over to Skopje and all of them were coming here for the first time. The meeting was held from 20-23 February and for me it was a successful weekend of training sessions on fundraising, campaigns, experiences and communication. A huge role was also played in fundraising for the General Assembly.

Because of my work I couldn’t be there at all the sessions but I managed to be there for the most part of the day. I am grateful to WSCF-Europe for organizing such an event in my country. Even though it was just for a few days I enjoyed spending time with the delegates, my friends and showing them the joys and concerns about my community and the ways how we can all help each other.

This was a great positive experience for me and I am looking forward to other opportunities and I am always open to help where there is need in WSCF.

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