Conference testimonial: Ana Fernandez-Mayoralas

ana-mayoralas Ana Fernández-Mayoralas is 20 years old. She is currently living in Paris, but is native to Madrid. Ana is studying Law and Business Management at the “Université Phanthéon-Sorbonne”.

I remember the day I arrived at Litomysl after many hours of travel and almost losing the bus that I had to take to arrive to the castle where the conferences were to take place.

I arrived with other 6 students that I met in the bus that were also attending the conferences. That night, we played fun games to get to know each other a little bit.

The following days we attended conferences and then we also had workshop to discuss in small groups the subjects of the previous conferences. I found the experience really enriching because I got to know many different points of view that I had never thought about.

It´s amazing how talking with people from different backgrounds and religions can make you realize that there is not a true and only point of view. It´s necessary to listen and to put yourself in the other person´s position and especially, respect each other.

In the conferences I learned many things about subjects that I had never heard of but that were really interesting such as the Palestinian movements, the influence of religion in other countries or the customs of other cultures.

There was a “conference”, well a testimony, in the mosque of Prague that I really enjoyed. We went there to hear about the Islam and its position in Czech Republic. It was really interesting to get to know more about the religion itself and the religious context in Czech Republic.

Furthermore, I got to know amazing and really interesting people. This is what I enjoyed the most out of everything. Talking and discussing with other people makes you realized that appearances are not always what they seem.

We are really influenced by media, our family or culture, but sometimes it´s necessary to forget about your opinion and listen to other´s one. You may find out that you were wrong or that there was a reason behind or that your opinion was biased by your environment.

This is what I found really enriching, finding out that by dialoguing you get to know and understand better the multiculturalism and the differences of thought.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed this experience. I will encourage everyone to attend WSCF conferences at least once in their lifetime. It may help you clear out your ideas and for sure it will be an unforgettable experience.

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