1. WSCF is looking for a Chair & a Female Vice-Chair

    chair poster


    In November 2015, WSCF Global leadership team appointed members of the new search committee tasked to search for, interview and recommend candidates for the position of Chair and female Vice-Chair.

    We welcome all candidates from all regions to apply for these important though challenging positions.



    1. Accountable to the General Assembly;
    2. Chairing meetings (Executive Committee, General Assembly and other meetings where required;
    3. Nurturing the worldwide fellowship and preserving the unity of the Federation;
    4. Interpreting the work and needs of the Federation to churches and the wider ecumenical movement;
    5. Supporting the work of the executive staff of the Federation;
    6. Ensuring that the goals, priorities and mandate of the General Assembly are acted upon in accordance with the Constitution.


    If you are interested in ecumenical work, with representatives from all over the world, pursuing a  better and more just future, submit your application by 29 January 2016. For an application, fill out this form. Email for all inquiries and submissions.


    The search committee is composed of

    1. Ms. Brandi Friesen Thorpe, Canada, current Exco member (2015- ), Co-Chair of the Search Committee
    2. Ms. Yvette Mukagaju, Rwanda, student, SCM Rwanda
    3. Immanuel Kitnan, Sri Lanka, Exco member 2009-2015, Chair of Asia and Pacific region (2014- ), WSCF Vice Chair (2015- )
    4. Mr Jiri Bukovinski, Czech Republic, Senior Friend, member of Europe region committee as Solidarity Coordinator (1997-1999), Co-Chair of the Search Committee
    5. Mr. Youhanna Kamal, Egypt, Senior Friend, former WSCF global Treasurer (2004- 2015)
    6. Yarkus Perez Ganara, Chille, Senior Friend, Latin America and Caribbean ExCo Member (2002 – 2009), Chair of Latin America and Caribbean Region (2002 – 2005)


    Chairperson search committee


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  2. Call for Graphic Designer

    Location: work from home
    Hours: part-time, 1-10 hours per month
    Start Date: 1 February 2016
    Duration: 1 year with the possibility to extend for another year
    Remuneration: project based payment on quarterly basis. Rates for the given designs to be mutually agreed. Our estimation is as follows (online pdf poster- 25 euro, post card- 100 euro, leaflet 200 euro, annual report 150 euro (already pre made design), T shirt design 100 euro)
    About us 
    We are a small umbrella NGO having member movements across Europe. Our Berlin based staff, together with a group of motivated volunteers, work for our members and interested people to realize our vision of just and peaceful communities in our societies. We work with young people and students to primarily create bridges across barriers of religion, Christian denominations, nationality and gender. We raise awareness of key issues of our times and educate and empower youth. Can you help us make our vision have tangible impact?
    The role
    We are looking for a creative person that can help us design our advertising/marketing materials. You can live anywhere in Europe as the work will be done via emails.
    What will you do?
    Designing and developing layouts for promotional materials (brochures, posters, flyers, etc.) To be responsible to incorporate current design trends into each unique layout to produce an up-to-date style.
    Our estimation:
    • posters (approximately 1-2 posters per month)
      • postcard design (1 per year) – I would say, 3 per year: Christmas, Easter and Thanks/Greetings
      • leaflet design (1 per year)
    • annual report layout (1 per year)
    • T shirt design (1 per year)


    What should you have? 
    • experience in design and graphics
    • understanding of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator programs
    • skills at judging correctly what will appeal to target audiences
    • sketching abilities
    • able to work in an international team, under time pressure and maintaining contact exclusively Online
    • proficient in English, both spoken and written
    Applications and Interviews 
    • Further information about the job can be enquired at
    • Application deadline is 20 January 2016
    • To apply, please send a CV, your portfolio of design work (visual design) and your motivation letter stating why you would be a good match for this position and how your experience and skills equip you for the role. Send it to Zuzana Babicova at
    • Successful applicants will be contacted after the deadline.
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  3. 200 young voices resound over the roofs of Frankfurt

    2nd federal choir meeting of SCM Germany

    ”It was wonderful, that you have organized such a great event for us“ – “We enjoyed it very much and it would be great if it took place every year“! These were just two excited feedbacks to “EinSinGen”, the second nationwide meeting of choirs from local SCMs. It took place from October 30th to November 1st 2015 in Frankfurt am Main. Over 200 male and female singers travelled from all over the country to Frankfurt in order to sing together, make new friends and worship.

    Workshop zu Distler

    Since the first SCM choir meeting in Bonn two years ago had been a great success, Eugen Eckert (local pastor in Frankfurt) and Gerald Ssebudde (leader of Frankfurt’s SCM choir) decided to host the second SCM choir meeting, organized in cooperation with Annette Klinke (SCM federal office) and Joachim Geibel (SCM Cologne).

    Students from all corners of Germany sang together and joined in workshops on classical, gospel or popular music.

    On Sunday morning, all singers joined together in solemn worship accompanied by lots of music … “It was like Christmas and Easter all in one” said Eugen Eckert giving thanks to all the singers and musicians. Annette Klinke added: “Hopefully, we’ll see each other again in 2017”.ESG_2.Treffen nach dem Gottesdienst Dreikönigskirche




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  4. The Beginning of the European Christian Convention

    In June 2015 the first meeting of the future European Christian Convention happened in Bad Boll. WSCF-E was represented by Annika Foltin, who is now in the coordination team. Read here to read the first Newsletter and also the Roadmap of this large ecumenical project. If you would like to receive the newsletter or be involved in the project please don’t hesitate to contact Ann Katrin Hergert at .

    European Christian Convention

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  5. WSCF-Europe history project


    WSCF-Europe team has realized some time ago that we need to explore more our history going back to the start of regionalisation in WSCF dated to 1960s. We want to find out all people involved in leadership and to map out thematic and strategic development of our Europe regional work over past 50 years. We wish to know our predecessors paving the path for the work we are doing now and understand better development done.

    We are very excited about this quite long term project which has been started off by our former Fundraising Coordinator David Cleary (2013-2015) who identified our recent leadership going to back to 1989. After our regional assembly in October 2015, we formed the team of David Cleary, Adam Smith (our new Fundraising Coordinator) and Zuzka (current WSCF-E Chair) to coordinate our efforts toward exploring historic work of WSCF-Europe. Our very concrete aims are: identify leadership members of WSCF-E, thematic areas in each decade since 1960, collection of personal testimonials, creating websection at our website showing what historic material we collect and much more.


    WSCF archive committee

    Our emails are behind these links:   

    Please email any of us if you like to just give us any ”historic” guidance, input or even join our team! Stay in touch with us for the progress on this project.

    Zuzka, Adam and David

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  6. Art as an act of solidarity activism in SCM Canada

    SCM Canada held a workshop in Winnipeg about indigenous solidarity using art as the method of expressing solidarity, relationships and loving indigenous neighbours.

    Workshop was part of a youth conference “Peace-it-Together”, which focused on hearing indigenous voices. “Indigenous solidarity is important work SCM North America has been engaged with, particularly with our national histories of Colonialism and harmful Residential School systems, which stole children from their families, caused cultural genocide, and a legacy of generational trauma. The churches in North America hold direct responsibilities.” Says Brandi Friesen Thorpe, the WSCF Executive Committee member of North America.

    In the workshop “Art, Activism, and the Social Context of Our Faith” led by Brandi, participants created a two piece mural together using horizontal leadership and participatory co-creativeness.


    The mural in the picture holds strong symbolism:

    – Number ‘94’ represents the 94 recommendations from the Indigenous peoples of Canada that came out of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. The numbers are made of mirrors, to so the viewer seeing his own reflection, could see himself as being called to be part in the reconciliation.

    – The handprints seen atop in the mural with the participants associated treaty numbers refers the historical geographical agreements between Indigenous and Settlers. It is recognition of their participation and their location, and the relationships we are bound to through land.

    – Houses in the bottom represent community, and the relationships. The faith of the participants is expressed in a picture of a church.

    – Dark road in the mural is the bridge” connecting the two represents journey, where participants seek to connect to each other and work together. The red pieces scattered in the road represent the missing indigenous women of Canada, many who have gone missing on dark roads.

    – The tiles also represent beauty in the brokenness, and that there is always possibility for something new to be made – Letters “SCM” represent the desire of the participants of the workshop to be found on that road of reconciliation.

    As a leader of the workshop, Brandi wrote, how the humble attitudes and willingness to collaborate and work together made her proud. Everyone were treated with respect and empowered to use their different skills. “I hope this can be a symbolic representative of where we stand — supportive and actively pursuing justice with our Indigenous neighbours. We will not be only allies; we will be accomplices in the pursuit of justice and just relationships.”


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  7. SCM Indonesia held a training on Women Advocacy

    Jakarta. A training on women advocasy took place in the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta, on 9th to 13th November 2015. The training had 35 participants from all over Indonesia – from different branches of the SCM.

    SCM Indonesia women advocasy training

    Women advocacy became an important theme for SCM Indonesia due to the increasing violence against women in the country. This development is not a new issue, since in this diverse country, governmental and religious institutions support patriarchal system, which is also essential part of the community life in Indonesia. Oppressing women is structural problem at all levels of the society – from state level to families, which SCM Indonesia tries to address by providing trainings for its members and increasing knowledge about the issue. The aim of Executive Committee of SCM Indonesia is to empower its members to fight against this issue of injustice through media and become more sensitive to this matter.

    SCM Indonesia women advocasy training 1

    Topics of the training around women and media ranged from analyzing women’s role in media to empowering women to bring the female perspective to different mediums and forums. The methods ranged from analyzing different issues to gaining practical skills, like writing good articles and profiling.

    Part of the training were several exposures to labour organisation, organisation for street children and the Asian Muslim for Networking – the peace school for women in conflict area. Participants were observing and finding out about power relations between men and women in these organisations.

    SCM Indonesia women advocasy training 3

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  8. Write an article for WSCF-E journal Mozaik!


    In what context should I write the article?

    In the first decades of the 21st Century, Europe has moved from a period of relative calm and prosperity to a period marked by crisis. The solidarity that characterized the European project of political and economic integration has been beset by harsh austerity, imposed from the centre to the margins, and a rising tide of both nationalism and a radical left wing resistance. In the midst of this, comes an unprecedented refugee crisis from Asia and Africa, changing the face (and faith) of Europe.

    What does this mean for European democracy and society? Is this the start of a greater acceptance of foreign cultures, or the beginning of the end for the EU? How will Europe’s constituent countries cope with these changes on legal and social level? And what of the conception of Europe as essentially Christian? For the next issue of Mozaik, following thematically this conference, we welcome contributions that reflect on these questions, offering a diverse range of perspectives.


    Whom shall I contact?

    We are accepting contributions of articles up to 2,000 words, with a deadline of 1 November. For more information, contact Editor-in-Chief James Jackson at

    We are looking forward to receiving your contributions!


    WSCF-Europe Publications team

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  9. WSCF-E Annual Report 2014

    WSCF-Europe has published its 2014 Annual Report. This document showcases the accomplishments of WSCF-Europe in 2014, its activities, budget and mission.

    Annual Report front page

    This year’s Annual Report also features testimonials from all our events, as well as a list of private donors in 2014. Furthermore, you can check the faces of the staff, officers and volunteers, who made the activities of WSCF-Europe possible throughout the year!

    The Report also features detailed budget figures. You can dowload your copy in PDF format here.

    Thank you sincerely to all who made 2014 happen.

    – Your WSCF-E team





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  10. 35th WSCF General Assembly Report

    WSCF-Europe is presenting to you the GA Report, following the 35th GA held in Bogotá in March 2015. The report features testimonials of Regional Secretaries from Europe, North America and LAC regions and those of our Senior Friends, members and partners. It also shows a compilation of all reports, documents, statements and resolutions presented during and after the GA.  The report shows also important process leading to the General Assembly. Big thanks to Horacio Mesones, former Chairperson of WSCF, and Marcelo Leites, LAC region Regional Secretary, for providing their reconstruction of this now historic process of this important Assembly. Gratitude also goes to Marta Calpinska and Brandi Friesen Thorpe for kindly allowing to use their photographs in this report and all who provided their personal reflection on the GA.

    The report was compiled by the Chairperson of WSCF-Europe Zuzana Babicová, and graphic design created by WSCF-Europe’s Mozaik Journal Art Editor Maria Bradovkova.

    You can download your copy of this in-depth report here. Please open the file with Adobe Acrobat Reader, which will enable you to read all the files attached to the report. You can download and install your free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader here.

    Please feel free to leave your comment in comment box below. Enjoy reading!2015 GA report front page

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