1. Daniel Jara

    Daniel Jara
    Mozaik Editor-in- Chief

    Daniel is a 29 years-old theologian and psychologist from Quito, Ecuador. He was raised there and after finishing college he specialized in Intercultural Theology, Ecumenism and Epistemology in The Netherlands, Germany, and Portugal respectively. He is interested in the rich diversity of reflections and practices of the Christian faith around the world and in the needed process to make them understandable to each other.

    He has been involved in youth Ecumenical initiatives during the last years. His vision for MOZAIK is to transform it into a publication of reference among young Christian students in Europe. A journal which is characterized by its special reverence for facts, plurality, audacity, and engagement with gender, sexual, racial and ethnic inclusivity. He is a movie fan, news consumer, books lover and is beginning in the art of Bonsai.

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  2. Mozaik: Call for Articles

    Submit by: 28th February

    General Topic: Diversity and Inclusion from a Youth European Perspective

    Diversity is one of the salient characteristics of Europe. Spanish Paella and German Bratwurst, Finnish, Italian, Greek and Czech languages; wherever one looks, diversity is there! Nevertheless, it seems like there are ‘diversities we enjoy’ and other ones that nowadays challenge European identity. What about a religiously diverse Europe? Or a multi-ethnic one? Or how to answer the forces that aim to segregate peoples, nations, religions and ethnic-groups? Is the ‘call of the tribe’, as Vargas Llosa calls it, so strong that it threatens European coexistence?

    During the past year, participants at our conferences in Thessaloniki, Strasbourg and Palermo reflected on these and similar questions. In our 2019 MOZAIK issue we want to delve into these topics. Therefore, we welcome perspectives from European students and people with experience in inclusive social initiatives. We are interested in discovering and reflecting on these experiences and how ethnic or religious diversity can enhance European societies through text, visual art, poetry and other mediums.

    Who do I contact?

    We are accepting contributions of articles up to 2,000 words, with a preliminary deadline of 28th February 2019. For more information, contact Mozaik’s Editor-in-Chief Daniel Jara, at .

    We look forward to receiving your contributions!

    The topic of Mozaik’s next issue is linked to our Work Plan 2018, which was supported through funding received from the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.

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  3. Campaign Photo Competition – ‘One for all. All for one’

    The winners are here! Between October-December 2018, WSCF Europe welcomed  photo submissions from young people around Europe, on the topics of diversity and inclusion. After a long and careful deliberation, the jury has finally reached a decision on what photos and photographers should take away our prizes and warmest congratulations. Here are the winners!


    1st Prize 

    ‘Unity in Prayer’ – David Barbakadze (Georgia)

    “The photo I took in one of the oldest district of Tbilisi which is famous for its unique multicultural nature. This small historic neighbourhood is often called as ‘center of religions’ as you can find mosque, synagogue, catholic, orthodox and Gregorian churches next to each other. The directions’ sign on the photo indicate all important places in this district among which you can observe mosque, synagogue, Georgian orthodox church and Armenian church. Each of these buildings have its own wonderful old history, but I think it’s not by chance that all of them are standing in the same neighbourhood. For me the district represents an ‘Unity of Prayer’. This is how I also named the photo and why I link it to the theme of the WSCF-Europe photo competition. I think the story of this small district in Tbilisi very much tells us about the importance of coexistence and dialogue among different religions, cultures, ethnic groups. And that, how different we should not be in our believes, we still can live together as those three birds sitting peacefully on the direction’s signs.”


    2nd Prize

    ‘Colours of the Life’ – Ana Meladze (Georgia)

    “I took the photo during the summer 2016 in Batumi, my favourite city in Georgia. I think that Batumi is really a special city – the “Pearl of the Black Sea,” as it is often called. It is situated in mountainous southwest Georgia on the Black Sea coastline, neighbouring to Turkey. For centuries, it suffered many conflicts between the rival powers, while also nurturing complex religious, ethnic, and linguistic identities. Today, though, the city is very proud of its rich diversity and the cosmopolitan atmosphere. Walking in the streets of Batumi you can meet people of different ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds. That is why taking the photo of the street blocks coloured by children had a signifiant impact on me back in 2016 and it still has today. That is why I think the photo is related to the completion topics. To me that photo always represented the hope and love for life. Life that every person built throughout the years, like the streets are built by the blocks. Even if sometimes the blocks are grey, they may turn into a wonderful colour if we do colour them. I believe our lives are richer and meaningful with many colours. I believe that the society is stronger with its diverse population and I wish every person how different they should not be from each other should live the life with dignity and respect. Inspired by the city and context I took the photo in and aiming to capture the spirit of togetherness in diversity I named the photo as “Colours of the Life”.


    3rd Prize

    ‘Imagine a Future Together’ – Nikola Putica (Macedonia)

    “This photograph was taken in Skopje in the middle of September. The photograph title is: ‘Imagine a future together’. On the photograph the children are representing the future as and one of them is ‘levitating’; which shows an absolute progress. Behind them in third ground, you can notice a city light by EU.

    ‘Lock Me with Love’ – Diana Yeghiazaryan (Armenia)

    “On the bridge Pont des Arts in Paris, people add locks of different shapes and sizes, thus creating a colorful metal curtain along the bridge. The story and thoughts behind this photo are related with the society, where we live. Like the bridge, we add lockers on it, build relationships, usually several ones, sometimes bonding two lockers at the same time. We cannot unlock ourselves from this net, if the lockers and bonds are many. Likewise, the society….when we include people and tie with many bonds, it will be simply impossible to marginalize, radicalize or polarize..


    Thank you to all the participants for their involvement! 

    This competition was part of the campaign ‘One for All. All for One’, ran by WSCF-Europe in 2018, with the support of the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.

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  4. Call for Team Lingua Franca

    We need you! We are looking for Event Team Members and Coordinator!

    First organised 20 years ago, WSCF-Europe Lingua Franca meetings provide a space for language learning, cultural exchange, ecumenical encounter and ecumenical leadership training. The target group of this programme is students from Eastern and Central Europe. About 15-20 students and young adults will meet for a week in April/May 2019 , in Georgia.

    The training provided will focus on two key-areas:

    • Language Training– English will be the main language, but a simple English will be used and there will be sessions focused on breaking down linguistic barriers.
    • Leadership Training– in order to educate people on how to build movements in Central and Eastern Europe.

    To provide a brilliant training and have an amazing time together, we are currently looking for 2 team members and a team coordinator, that will work together from January until May 2019 on how to make this happen. So if you are an open-minded person, willing to learn from and with others, have experience in conference/event organization and are involved with WSCF or local movements, we are looking forward to getting to know you!

    For the Team Coordinator, we look for someone with: a good understanding of what event organisation and management means; a passion for working with people; and who is resourceful and committed to take full ownership of event experience with others. The Team Coordinator should have experience: coordinating a project team; designing/delivering a training /learning programme; and the ability to prioritise. It is key to have experience working with young people and, ideally, experience with Lingua Franca or any “youth access” program. You will be given support to coordinate and learn on the job, and you will be advised on organisational practices and tools to use to organize events efficiently and effectively.

    Deadline for applications:  16 December 2018

    Please fill-in this application form before 16 December 2018, to give us an idea on who you are, what you could contribute and what you would like to learn from this unique event!

    Hope to meet you soon,

    Your European Regional Committee

    For more information, contact Zuzana Babicova () or Christiane Gebauer ().  

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  5. Photo Competition: ‘All for one. One for all’ Campaign


    The Competition:

    The Photo Competition is part of the WSCF-Europe’s campaign “One for all. All for one”, which aims to contribute to a more inclusive and fairer European society by empowering young people across the continent. Our approach is based on promoting equal opportunity, human rights and respect for human dignity, as core principles of every inclusive and diverse society.

    Through this initiative, we are looking for photos that can share stories of diversity and integration. The photos can be of individuals, communities, situations or anything that, in your perspective, best captures the spirit of the theme of the competition. We encourage you to share with the world photos that can tell a thousand words.

    Every participant can submit up to 5 photos, and we are particularly looking for creative ideas, for images that capture and tell a story. Every photograph should be accompanied by a title reflecting the theme and the essence of the photo. It should be also accompanied by a short description detailing the story or idea behind the photo.

    The Campaign:

    The aim of the “One for all. All for one” campaign is to engage young people and provide them with the tools they need to create effective content, aimed at challenging hate speech and violent extremism. To achieve this overall aim, we set the following specific objectives:

    • to upscale and mobilise grassroots youth initiatives on alternative positive narratives;
    • to develop innovative youth-led approaches and methodologies;
    • to combine knowledge exchanges with action-oriented output;
    • to support and develop young people’s voices to tackle these issues, and form a strong network of youth activists who believe in religious, ethical and human resolution of crisis.


    The focus of the competition is Europe, but photos from all over the world are welcomed and accepted. The competition is open to all students and young activists, with a special interest and passion for photography. Both amateur and professional photographers with their own perspectives and stories on diversity and integration are encouraged to submit their work.

    We particularly encourage members of our SCMs in Europe to take part in this competition, as it will be an opportunity to actively engage with our campaign and strengthen our connections.

    How to participate:

    Please send your photo(s) to , before midnight 30th November 2018 (extended). The photo(s) should be high quality image(s) in JPEG, TIFF or PNG format (preferably at least 3 megapixels). You should expect that, if your photo is selected among the best photos, it will be published as a poster or in a large format – therefore, the quality of the photos is important. Each participant can submit up to 5 photos.

    Please send your photos with the following name format: “YourLastName_PhotoTitle” and with a short description. The short description should include the following information:

    • Your short bio (name, age, nationality, profession and/or study, contact information, etc);
    • City and country where the photo was taken and the date when it was taken;
    • The title of the photo;
    • Description on the photo (who or what is in the photograph; what it represents; any information or story you relate the photo to; its link to the theme of the competition);
    • Any comment from the photographer.

    Conditions for participating:

    All photos submitted must be the participants’ own works and must not be edited, but submitted in original form. The person submitting the photo also takes responsibility for not infringing the privacy of any third party – by submitting the photograph, the participant confirms that they have the permission of all persons appearing in the photo to submit the photograph and for it to be published by WSCF-Europe.


    The competition jury is composed of amateur and professional photographers, human rights activists and experts in communication. The jury will select the best photos and will award three prizes. The winners will be awarded different amounts, and a breakdown of the awards can be found below:

    • First Prize – €150
    • Second prize – €100
    • Third prize – €75

    All photos that enter the competition will also be published on the WSCF Europe website and social media on the International Human Rights Day, on 10th December, as WSCF-Europe will take part in this worldwide celebration. They will also be featured in online and print publications of the WSCF-Europe. By submitting the photo(s), the photographer agrees that the photo(s) will be used by the WSCF-Europe.

    After the selection and communication with the winners, the final results will be available online on the WSCF-Europe website and social media.

    We look forward to receiving lots of amazing photos from young people all over the world!

    This project is implemented with financial support from the campaign partner, the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.

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  6. Call for Participants: “Humanity Reclaimed: Youth Perspectives on Diversity on Inclusion” Conference

    “Humanity Reclaimed: Youth Perspectives on Diversity on Inclusion” conference in Thessaloniki, Greece
    29.11-05.12 2018

    We often hear people claiming that their faith in humanity is lost for a number of reasons. Sometimes this is attributed to external factors (usually technology and political choices), whilst other times it is connected to collective responses around major humanitarian issues, such as immigration waves from war-zones. Among those who claim that humanity is lost, there is often a sense that societies are backtracking from progress and regressing to older patterns of thinking. Our conference will be an attempt to enhance the dialogue on this issue by answering a number of questions: Why do some people think that humanity is lost? And if so, what do they recommend in order to reclaim it? Is the human condition at the moment all gloom and doom, or are there glimpses of hope that we tend to overlook by focusing on the negatives? And how do diversity and inclusion fit into all of this?

    If you would like to be part of this dialogue, join us between 29.11 – 05.12.2018 in Thessaloniki, Greece for the “Humanity Reclaimed: Youth perspectives on diversity and inclusion” Conference.

    Young people from all over Europe will be gathering to sing, eat, pray, learn and talk deeply about diversity, inclusion, and practices stemming from these ideals.

    During the programme, you will have the opportunity to participate in a series of workshops, lectures and small group discussions. These are aimed at creating mutual respect and enhancing understanding of topics such as the subject of how diversity and inclusion lead to a better future for all of us, whilst at the same time recognizing the challenges they pose to societies.

    We particularly encourage you to apply if:

    • you are a part of a WSCF-Europe Student Christian Movement, or
    • you have first-hand experience of working for diversity and inclusion within your organisation/movement/university, or
    • you work/volunteer supporting programs that foster diversity and inclusion in any kind of social setting (for example, but not limited to, educational institutes or workplaces).

    To participate, you can apply here. The deadline is 14th October. The language of the conference is English.

    During a five-day programme of workshops, lectures, and small group discussions we will build a platform upon which to discuss these topics.

    When? 29 November – 5 December 2018

    Where? Thessaloniki, Greece

    Why? Because all too often we hear that humanity is lost, but hopefully our conference will provide a different perspective to counter this viewpoint!

    How to apply? Through this form by  14th October 2018 (extended).

    Participation fee: 170€  (If you have any difficulty funding your attendance, please contact us at:


    The preparatory team is looking forward to seeing you in Greece, in December.

    Natia Tsintsadze, WSCF-E Executive  

    Pavlina Manavska, WSCF-E Campaign Coordinator

    Knut Natskår Svihus, Norway

    Viltė Keturkaitė, Lithuania

    Paschalis Gortsilas, Greece

    Kristine Evje, Norway

    For just as the body is one and has many members, and all the members of the body, though many, are one body, so it is with Christ. (1 Corinthians 12:12)



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  7. WSCF-Europe is looking for a Treasurer!

    Job description:

    WSCF-Europe Regional Committee  (ERC) is looking to fill the role of the Treasurer in between two assemblies. The role shall start late summer 2018 and end at the assembly in late 2019 with the possibility to be considered for another term by the gathered Europe regional assembly of WSCF-Europe. This is an exciting volunteering role, in which you can grow and learn about financial management, as well as management of the NGO and matters of strategic organisational importance. Part of the role is also being a member of the ERC which decides and deliver the programmatic work in which the Treasurer can also participate and be involved in actively.

    Key responsibilities:

    Main Goal: Manage finances of WSCF Europe in a sustainable manner. To manage the work of WSCF Europe as the key decision-making body of the Federation in Europe between ERAs.

    • Prepare and manage the annual budget of WSCF Europe;
    • Ensure WSCF Europe accounts are professionally audited;
    • Ensure office bookkeeping and cash management are completed to a high standard;
    • Meet with partners and donors;
    • Help to write budgets for funding applications and financial reports to donors;
    • Be on the Board of the ERC
    • Actively participate in ERC email communications and Skype meetings in order to make decisions and shape the work of the Federation in Europe;
    • Monitor and evaluate the work of regional staff, give regular feedback and ask for improvement where necessary;
    • Attend four ERC in-person meetings in two years and be an active team member;
    • Represent WSCF Europe at partner events.

    You can read here about the experience of people who were part of the ERC over last decades.

    To be eligible:

    How to apply: Apply by filling-in this online form.

    Deadline: No deadline, ongoing open role until the next WSCF -Europe Regional Assembly.

    For an informal conversation about the role, contact WSCF-Europe Chair, Zuzana Babicova, at . We are looking forward to receiving your application and any informal email enquiries about the role.

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  8. Call for project proposals: “All for one. One for all” Campaign

    Following the WSCF-Europe Conference in Palermo, which took place last May and focused on media literacy, WSCF-Europe would like to invite all our affiliated and associated Student Christian Movements (SCMs) to submit wonderful project ideas that capture the theme “All for one. One for all”. The focus of the WSCF-Europe campaign this year is combating negative narratives surrounding diversity and inclusion, and the project proposals should align with WSCF-Europe’s efforts in this area.

    The Campaign:

    The ultimate aim of the campaign is to engage young people and provide them with the tools they need to create effective content, aimed at challenging hate speech and violent extremism. To achieve this overall aim, we set the following specific objectives:

    • to upscale and mobilise grassroots youth initiatives on alternative positive narratives;
    • to develop innovative youth-led approaches and methodologies;
    • to combine knowledge exchanges with action-oriented output;
    • to support and develop young people’s voices to tackle these issues, and form a strong network of youth activists who believe in religious, ethical and human resolution of crisis.

    SCMs and their members have always been at the heart of WSCF-Europe’s work, so in order to achieve all the objectives listed above, we look forward to your engagement and enthusiasm.

    Your ideas and who can apply:

    We want to hear from both SCMs who have participated in out training in Palermo, this May, but also from other SCMs, who did not have a chance to attend the training. For the SCMs who attended the training in Palermo, we strongly encourage you to submit your proposals on the ideas that you have come up with during the training, although these ideas can be changed/adjusted.

    Please note that we can offer support ONLY to SCMs affiliated and associated to the WSCF-Europe region. If you do not meet this criteria, we will not be able to fund your activity.

    What we offer:

    We offer financial support of up to € 2 000 to cover costs associated with your activity. This can include securing a venue, covering any materials used, paying any fees associated with bringing in an external speaker etc.

    We can also offer support in the form of human resources. Members of our WSCF-E team are experienced in the areas of project planning and delivery, events coordination, financial management, communications and others, and are more than happy to support you throughout the stages of planning, delivering and evaluating your activity.

    We also have a wide network of field experts in areas such as: theology, youth work, media literacy etc. We can create links between members of this network and your SCM, securing external speakers that will ensure the success of your event.

    How to apply:

    To apply, please fill in this application form by 15th August 2018 (extended).

    On the form, you will need to describe what the activity that you are planning to organise encompasses, the costs associated with it, and the kind of support that you are seeking from WSCF-Europe.

    Please note that all project ideas need to be implemented by November 2018.


    The WSCF-Europe Campaign Team is really keen to hear your ideas. The team is formed by:

    Pavlina Manavska (Campaigns Coordinator)

    Natia Tsintsadze (Regional Secretary)

    Zuzana Babicova (Chairperson)

    Lina Leonavičiūtė (Global Executive Committee Representative)

    Maria Atănăsoaei (Communications Officer)

    For any questions regarding the campaign and/or the project ideas applications, contact Pavlina Manavska, at .

    The financial support that WSCF Europe offers to SCMs is possible through the funding received from the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe

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  9. Call for International Preparatory Committee: “Humanity Reclaimed” Conference, Greece

    We are excited to announce an open call for the members of the International Preparatory Committee (IPC) for the youth conference “Humanity Reclaimed: Youth Perspective on Diversity and Inclusion”, that will take place in Greece, in December 2018.

    We are living the reality when discrimination, intolerance, xenophobic attacks, violent extremism, unemployment, underrepresentation and many other challenges fill our daily lives. This is particularly relevant to youth and we need to prepare young people to respond to this harsh reality with the most effective way possible: with humanity! For the WSCF-Europe this is not a new notion – it’s the core to everything we have ever done, but in no way exclusive only to our belief. In fact, it represents a common ground of understanding among people of different faith and belief. Humanity fosters understanding, acceptance and respect for another human being. During the youth conference in Greece, we would like to nurture this concept among young people and promote its wider use as a proactive response to any existing or future challenge. We believe that this is one strong, effective and long-term oriented way forward to raise youth workers, leaders, community members or just citizens.

    The topic and venue of the meeting have been selected on purpose. Thousands of refugees and migrants have been washed away on the shores of Greece in hope for a better life in Europe. These lives, mostly unknown ordinary people, are part of our humanity and by silencing our conscious about their death, we wash away our humanity, too. During the event in Greece, we would like to invite those young people directly affected by all of these challenges and those being in the forefront of protecting human rights of disadvantaged groups, democratic values of our society. The overall aim of the conference is to address challenges in Europe by finding innovative, effective, youth-led solutions. The conference will put youth perspectives at the centre of political debates, and highlight the importance of considering more active use of young people as part of solution.

    If you would like to explore these topics both from local and European perspectives, you are interested to learn and use non-formal educational met

    hods, work within an international team of young people, plan and facilitate the session with invited speakers and field experts, develop new skills, challenge yourself and have a lot of fun – than this project is for you!

    DEADLINE for submitting online applications: 15 July 2018.

    You may access online application form HERE.

    The main responsibilities of the International Preparatory Committee’s members are:

    • Active participation in the regular online meetings before the conference;
    • Participation in the in-person preparatory meeting during August/September 2018 (exact dates to be agreed and finalised by the members of the IPC);
    • Discuss and finalise a thematic framework of the conference and the programme;
    • Plan, review and finalise (at various stages of the project implementation) both methodological and organisational details;
    • Work with the team, fulfil the tasks and contribute to the overall group process and work;
    • Prepare the call and select the participants;
    • Prepare the participants for the conference sending them all the necessary information regarding the programme, providing guidance and support before, during and after the conference;
    • Invite and communicate with speakers, experts, resource persons and partners in accordance with the project aims;
    • Facilitate and lead the sessions of the conference;
    • Do the evaluations of the day and final evaluation of the conference;
    • Help with the reporting of the conference;
    • Help with the promotion of the conference and ensuring media visibility.

    Being a preparatory committee member at a WSCF-Europe conference would offer you:

    • Work in a lively international environment together with other members of the team;
    • Experience and develop your skills in managing of youth projects – preparation, implementation, evaluation, follow up and reporting;
    • Getting familiar with WSCF work, connect with other Christian students and young people in Europe;
    • Explore and learn topic of the conference;
    • Contribute with your own knowledge, experience and expertise;
    • Develop your skills in group work, leadership, facilitation and management;
    • Make connections and friends from all around Europe and have a lot of fun together!

    Timeline and plan of activities:

    • Online work on preparatory tasks and programme (July – December 2018);
    • First in-person preparatory meeting (August/September 2018);
    • Final preparatory meeting right before the conference (December 2018);
    • The conference (December 2018);
    • Evaluation meeting after the conference (December 2018);
    • Help with reporting of the event (December-January 2018).


    The programme of the conference is based on non-formal education and intercultural learning, with some key elements of group work, theoretical inputs, thematic field trip, workshops, presentations, followed by debate and discussion. The programme creates different learning spaces (role plays, simulation games, interactive exercises, plenary sessions, group work, brainstorming and independent reflections) for participants which will be rotated throughout five working days.


    Accommodation, food, travels and visa costs for International Preparatory Committee members will be fully covered.

    The project is financially supported by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.

    If you would like to get a taste of how it is to be in a Preparatory Committee, read this reflection by Pavlina Manavskathis one by Annika Foltin, or this one by James Jackson.

    For any questions, don’t hesitate to contact .

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  10. Call for Applications: WSCF-AP Regional Program on Peacebuilding & Dialogue in the Korean Peninsula

    The World Student Christian Federation Asia-Pacific (WSCF-AP) is organizing  a Regional Program on Peacebuilding and Dialogue, hosted by the Korea Student Christian Federation (KSCF). Thirty-three students and youth are expected to gather in Seoul, Korea between 17-24th August 2018,  for sustainable peace, as they reflect on the theme:  A Prophetic Call for Peace-Ecumenical Students & Youth for Sustainable Peace in Korean Peninsula

    WSCF Europe (WSCF-E) would like to invite SCM members from our Europe region to participate in this event and represent WSCF-E in Korea.

    Sunita Suna, WSCF-AP Regional Executive and Identity, Diversity and Dialogue (IDD) Program Leader, describes the event, as follows:

    It’s timely to hold this regional level program together with the KSCF as we witness the historic Inter-Korean Summit for peace and reunification in Korean Peninsula. The international ecumenical student/ youth community’s presence will bring solidarity to the people of Korea as they pursue the peace process, but also our presence will help us in strengthening the network and relations with the students and youth of Korea, to work together for sustainable peace in the Korean peninsula. The presence of  international community in Seoul this year is also significant as KSCF is celebrating its 70th anniversary of their ecumenical journey among the student community in campuses, Churches, and in Korean society. They will have an opportunity to celebrate together with KSCF witnessing KSCF’s mission and ministry for the last 70 years! We are very much looking forward to having you for the said program in Seoul, Korea.”

    Applicants must cover the airfare and the registration fees of $100 (USD). WSCF-AP and KSCF will take care of the board and lodging, and the expenses for the exposure to DMZ.

    Read the concept paper and a tentative schedule for more information on the program, and apply today. Online registration is open and the registration form can be filled in here. The deadline for applications is 30th June (extended).Please also email WSCF-E, at , when filling-in the application, informing us about your participation.

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