1. Links Coordinator

    Luise Klein

    Hi, I am Luise from Germany.  I am currently studying in Kiel, right up in the North, next to the Baltic Sea. I just finished the intermediate examination of Theology. Before that I did my Bachelor in English and Religious Studies for Teaching.

    Next to my studies I work in a small café where I get to know so many different people and their stories, which I really enjoy. Apart from that I do voluntary work for an organisation that helps families with disabled or seriously ill children. When I am not busy with one of these things, I enjoy singing in the local church choir or spend time at my local SCM with friends.

    I got involved in my local SCM in January 2011 and was on the board from April 2011 for four years. Since 2014 I got involved at SCM Germany and was delegated to represent Germany at the WSCF together with Christiane. At the Regional Assembly 2017 I was elected Links-coordinator.

    I am very much looking forward to the ERC Work together with the other members and hope to make our work at WSCF-E better known to the SCMs and enable their members to get involved themselves and experience the spirit of WSCF.

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  2. Call for WSCF-Europe Fundraising Coordinator

    Would you find it interesting to work with donors and funds?

    Are you interested in having professional contacts all around Europe?

    This is a great chance to build your professional and inter-personal skills and experience!

    The World Student Christian Federation – Europe (WSCF-E) is a part of a global fellowship of Christian students committed to dialogueecumenismsocial justice and peace. Now we are seeking a Fundraising Coordinator for our leadership team, the European Regional Committee (ERC).

    As many European youth organisations, especially Christian ones, we are facing major challenges to sustain our financial balance. But where there are challenges, there are also opportunities and so this position is full of exciting potential!

    The main goal of this Coordinator will be:

    • Supporting the Senior Friends work;
    • Working with the Communications Officer on various activities;
    • To be involved in all fundraising efforts for WSCF Europe activities in support function;
    • To coordinate fundraising working group formed at the ERA and draw on their input and inspiration and support for their position.

    The role also entails taking a share in the general leadership work of WSCF Europe. This includes the attendance of two in-person meetings of the European Regional Committee per year as well as regular Skype meetings.

    The Coordinator will be supported by the WSCF-E staff in the Regional Office, as well as our Senior Friends network and the WSCF Centennial Fund.

    Participation in WSCF-E events is encouraged and will be fully funded.

    What we are looking for in an ideal candidate:

    • passion for ecumenical dialogue and community-building among young Christians
    • interest in both Christian social justice advocacy and theological reflection and exchange
    • confidence to engage new challenges and find creative solutions
    • reliability and commitment for the position over a term of two years
    • very good English skills
    • desired: personal link to and endorsement by one of our member movements

    If you are interested, please send a presentation outlining your motivation and the skills that you bring to the task of Fundraising Coordinator to the ERC Chair . The deadline for applying is 10th December 2017.

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  3. Program Coordinator

    Lina Leonavičiūtė

    Hi! I am Lina from Lithuania. I have Bachelor in Nursing from the University of Vilnius as well as Master in Public Administration. I am currently living and working in Vilnius. My work is in public administration where I‘m trying to implement changes at the political level of health politics. My passion in life is jogging (this year I’ve done my first half-marathon) and cats (2 Maine Coons are currently enjoying life at my house).

    My involvement in local SCM started from my school- at the time I was a participant at various local events and summer camps. Later on I become a youth leader myself in Vilnius Evangelical Lutheran Academic Youth Fellowship – I took part in organizing summer camps for children and being group’s leader. As well I got involved at various other ecumenical events- such as organizing national youth meeting, soup kitchen and some others.

    From the year 2011 I got involved in some international ecumenical events and training courses.

    My first WSCF event took place in Velletri, Italy in 2012. Starting year 2014 I was a member of Ecumenical Youth Council in Europes’ (EYCE) Campaign Coordination Team working for a 3 year campaign “Break the Chains! A campaign to overcome poverty”. The aim of the campaign was to motivate young people from all over Europe to contribute to eradication of poverty in Europe.

    During ERA 2017 I was elected as Project Coordinator. I’m ready to organize the best events to you ever! Hope to see you at the next event!

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  4. Vice-Chairperson

    Emanuele De Bettini (Italy)

    My name is Emanuele De Bettini and I’m an Italian student.  I was born in 1996 and I’ve lived in Torre Pellice, a small  town near Turin, until 2015, when I moved to Turin for  attending University. I’ve studied Physics since 2015 for  two years then I’ve changed my mind and I started studying  History in September 2017.

    I started attending FGEI (Federazione Giovanile Evangelica in Italia), our national youth evangelical movement, in 2012, participating in regional and national meetings. In 2014 I got involved in a staff for the organisation of a local meeting and it was the first of some  staff I attended in the last years. In 2016 I was elected in the General Committee of a evangelical centre ( to represent FGEI.

    In my church I organise the catechism lectures and I take part in the Youth Group meetings.

    Being part of the ERC is my first international experience connected with my faith. I’m very motivated to work carefully and I trust in my expert colleagues to help me making the first steps.

    I am really looking forward to be involved with all the ERC and our staff during next years in work of WSCF-E. I hope next years will be full of challenges that inspire us all and new connections we can build.

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  5. Call for the Europe Regional Committee – Global Executive Committee Member


    WSCF Europe is looking for an energetic member, who has a passion for global solidarity and Christian unity, to join our regional committee!
    As one of two European members on the Global Executive Committee (ExCo), you will be representing the European region at the global level. This means you will be responsible for:
    • Sitting on the ExCo’s Finance Committee, examining budgets, raising any issues or concerns. and liaising with the European Regional Committee (ERC) to communicate key financial information.
    • Voting on strategic decisions made at the global level concerning personnel/staffing, financials and thematic areas.
    • Reporting on key decisions made by the ExCo on a regular basis to the ERC, through regular Skype calls and at ERC meetings, normally held twice a year.
    • Monitoring and evaluating the work of WSCF’s global staff team, seeking feedback wherever necessary.
    The role is a fantastic opportunity for anyone interested in the federation to network and build relationships with other students and people passionate about WSCF around the world. It will also build up your skills and confidence in financial oversight, teamwork and intercultural communication.
    Apply now by submitting your CV and motivation letter outlining your experience in WSCF and your SCM and how you see yourself contributing as the ExCo Member. Join our team of ERC members committed to building a stronger, more sustainable federation. You can read about the experience of the former ExCo members here. 
    Deadline: 1 December 2017
    How to apply:  send the documentation to the Chairperson, Zuzana Babicova, at .
    Who can apply: members of affiliated and associated movements of WSCF-Europe
    Endorsement: in your application please state the contact details of the person from your affiliated or associated movement who can support your nomination
    Would you like to speak what the role is like informally with the current Exco member? Feel free to contact Annika Foltin at .
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  6. European Regional Assembly 2017 – what was it about

    Our European Regional Assembly 2017 took place between 13th and 15th October, in Prosperous, Ireland. Participants from various countries around Europe, as well as WSCF representatives from outside Europe have joined the WSCF Europe Regional Committee for three days of intense work, decision-making, but also prayers and beautiful moments together.

    Who were the participants?

    The Assembly was formed by previous members of the European Regional Committee, WSCF Europe staff and representatives from member movements from Lithuania, Armenia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands, Georgia, Germany, Belarus and Ireland. In addition, WSCF Europe has been honoured to have as guests Ms. Necta Montes, World Student Christian Federation General Secretary, Mr. David Cleary, WSCF Europe Senior Friend, Mr. Henrik Hansson, World Council of Churches Communications Officer, and Ms. Hannah Weber, representing the Ecumenical Youth Council in Europe. WSCF Europe would like to thank everyone for their participation!

    What was decided at the ERA?

    In the two intense days of discussions, the Assembly debated and approved the WSCF Europe performance in 2016 and 2017 so far, the 2016 Annual Report, and amendments to the WSCF Europe By-Laws. The Assembly has also approved a new associated movement, the Studentenvereniging SSR-NU, from the Netherlands. The voting was complemented by discussions carried out within a number of working groups. These were split into rounds: the first round included discussion on regional networking, fundraising, global networking, and marketing and communications; the second round focused on thematic aspects of WSCF Europe’s work and involved discussions on gender, advocacy and solidarity, eco-justice, theology and spirituality and interfaith.

    Who is in the new European Regional Committee?

    Apart from voting on all the above, the Assembly has also decided who will represent WSCF Europe in the next two years. As such, the new European Regional Committee is formed by:

    • Chairperson – Zuzana Babicova (Slovakia)
    • Vice-Chairperson – Emmanuele de Bettini (Italy)
    • Treasurer – Claire Wilkins (United Kingdom)
    • Regional Links Coordinator – Luise Klein (Germany)
    • Global Links Coordinator – Krista Autio (Finland)
    • Program Coordinators – Lina Leonaviciute (Lithuania) and Christiane Gebauer (Germany)
    • Executive Committee Member – Annika Foltin (Germany)

    It’s all about enjoying every moment together!

    Hard work was also complemented by tones of fun and beautiful moments together! United not only in prayer, but also in the desire to share something special from their own cultures, participants enjoyed a cultural evening, where they showcased the best food, sweets, drinks, clothing and other markers of their national cultures. The evening was full of joy and music. Some photos from the evening can be found on our Flickr.


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  7. New movement: S.S.R.-N.U.

    WSCF Europe is happy to announce that our European Regional Assembly, that took place between 13-15th October, in Prosperous, Ireland, has voted in favour of a new associated member from the Netherlands joinng us. They are the Studentenvereniging SSR-NU.

    A few words from them below:

    At the Regional Assembly in October the Dutch Christian student association S.S.R.-N.U. was voted in as an associated member of the WSCF.

    S.S.R.-N.U. is an association with around 160 members of all kinds of Christian faiths. It doesn’t matter if one is a protestant or a Catholic or something else: everybody is welcome as long as one has respect for the Christian faith. Members of S.S.R.-N.U. are encouraged to have interfaith and interreligious dialogues. Learning from people with different religious opinions is a central aspect of the Christian education that S.S.R.-N.U. offers.

    Activities such as interfaith dialogues are held in the city center of Utrecht where S.S.R.-N.U. has her own building. Here the members can come together several times a week. They can do a drink, have a meal, or participate in another activity such as a lecture or a workshop. In this way, a strong community of active student members is build.

    As a student association S.S.R.-N.U. finds it important that her members do not only focus on their own community but also on the world around them. That’s why S.S.R.-N.U. organizes a lot of socially engaged activities. Examples are dinners with refugees, elderly or homeless, debates around the local elections in our home city Utrecht and voluntary receptionist work for the nuns that live next door. As Christians, we want to do something for the people around us.

    Christian education, having a community and undertake social activities are things that S.S.R.-N.U. does not only want to undertake on a national but also on an international level. That’s why S.S.R.-N.U. is delighted to have been accepted as an associated member of the WSCF. We hope to learn from people with other nationalities on Assemblies and Congresses. Furthermore, we would like to organize something together with another member movement such as an exchange or writing an article for each other’s movement magazines. Interested? Feel free to contact us at .

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  8. Call for Delegates: WSCF Inter-Regional Leadership Training Program​ on Identity,​ ​D​​iversity,​ ​D​ialogue

    Between 31st October 6th November 2017, the World Student Christian Federation (WSCF) will host the Inter-Regional Leadership Training Program (IRLTP) on Identity, Diversity and Dialogue (IDD), which will be held in Bangalore, India.

    WSCF Europe, as a region of WSCF, will be sending delegates to this event. We are, therefore, looking for participants who would be willing to represent WSCF Europe at the event and take part in the training. Please be aware that this invitation applies only to members of SCMs in Europe.

    This year’s training, entitled “We Are Not Outside, We Are Inside”, focuses on building an affirming and inclusive Christian community for justice and peace for people of different sexual orientations and gender identities. A more detailed account of what the focus of the training is, its objectives and methodology, can be found in the project’s concept paper.

    How do I apply?

    To apply, fill-in this registration form by 17th October 2017 (extended), and send it to the WSCF Europe Office () and the WSCF Inter-Regional Office ().

    What are the participation costs?

    Delegates will need to cover a 100 USD registration fee. Apart from that, participants will need to consider travel costs and discuss how much of these costs they would be able to cover with the WSCF Europe Office and the WSCF Inter-Regional Office.

    Will you be WSCF Europe’s delegate?

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  9. A Year with No Hate: Financial support for small projects in your movement

    Every day we are witnessing and facing discrimination and hate speech towards different groups of people or individuals in our communities, on the internet and on a global level. With all the conflicts, war and poverty the fear of the unknown, the fear of the otherness is increasing and extremism and human rights violations take place.

    For our organisation, 2017 is “A Year with No Hate”, as WSCF-Europe joined the Council of Europe’s No Hate Speech Movement. Sharing the same vision and the same goals we would like to encourage you to join us and develop a few ideas on how we can help your SCM and support the “Year with No Hate” campaign. We recognise that the reality varies from country to country and that different SCMs have different priorities and needs, yet we believe this is something that is very relevant for everyone, as our common fight is against those who spread the hate and victimize refugees/migrants and other marginalized or disadvantaged groups.

    We would like to inform you that WSCF-Europe is offering a small grant ONLY to the Student Christian Movements for your activity/idea to become reality. The Regional Office would also like to help you plan and organize the event or activity you have in mind, so that it becomes an initiative that we work towards accomplishing together. Your activity or event idea can be something small, but very significant like:

    • a one day workshop;
    • a visit to a minority community;
    • a panel discussion with speakers from the field;
    • any other small project idea .

    All of the proposed activities should be implemented until 20 December 2017. Project programme and financial reports should reach the WSCF-Europe no later than 31 December 2017.

    If you think you idea has what it needs to bring us and your SCM together in the fight against hate speech and discrimination, don’t hesitate to fill in the online application form by  15th October (extended).

    Please note that the financial support is available for SCMs only. If you need any assistance or have any questions, don’t hesitate to write us at .

    The financial support that WSCF Europe offers to SCMs is possible through the funding received from the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe. We are very grateful to our sponsors!

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  10. An invitation for the SCM-Ireland Senior Friends


    Our students from the SCM-Ireland are kindly inviting Senior Friends of the Student Christian Movement in Ireland to an evening of debate, storytelling and, most importantly, memories revival. Consider their invitation below:


    Dear Friend of the Student Christian Movement-Ireland:

    Peace be with you!

    The Student Christian Movement–Ireland (SCM-Ireland) is delighted to be hosting a major World Student Christian Federation–Europe conference next month from 7 – 13 October 2017 in Prosperous, Co. Kildare!

    The coming of this international conference to Ireland is another sign of the rebirth of the Student Christian Movement-Ireland as we continue to build up our network of progressive, Christian students and graduates on the island of Ireland.

    The participants will come from many European countries who will be living and praying together for the week as they discuss the conference’s theme: “(I)migration: Perspectives on Minority Integration in Europe”.

    On the evening of Tuesday, October 10th, the participants will be welcomed to the Irish School of Ecumenics in Trinity College, Dublin for a meal.

    You, as a longtime friend of the movement, are warmly invited to join the conference delegates from all over Europe for a meal and some storytelling remembering past SCM-Ireland events.

    DATE: Tuesday, 10 October 2017

    TIME: 5.45pm – 7.45pm

    LOCATION: Ground Floor, Irish School of Ecumenics,

    Trinity College, Dublin

    Please RSVP to  by 2nd October.   Kindly mention any dietary requirements.

    Please note that car parking is not available at Trinity College, Dublin.

    Kindest regards,



    If you are a SCM Ireland Senior Friend, we would very much love to have you there! Join us for a special evening!

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