1. Call for By-Laws amendments: ERA 2019

    Every two years, at our European Regional Assembly (ERA), there is a chance for our region, as part of the wider Federation, to look and plan ahead. As part of this process, Student Christian Movements have an opportunity to review the WSCF Europe Constitution, known as the By-Laws of WSCF-Europe. This is also true for our upcoming ERA, which will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark, between 3rd-8th October. Every movement can submit a proposal to amend this document guiding the region. After you submit your proposal, 6 weeks before the Assembly, all proposals will be communicated to movements for the review process.

    If you want to submit a suggested change to the By-Laws, please complete this form by 1st August 2019.

    To find out more about the European Regional Assembly, please visit our ERA 2019 info page.

    If you have any questions, please contact Meme, WSCF Europe Vice-Chair, at or Zuzka, WSCF Europe Chair, at


    Deadline: 1 August 2019

    By Laws

    Submission form

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  2. ERA 2019 Info page

    European Regional Assembly

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    3-8th October 2019

    Practical information:

    Address of the venue: YMCA Denmark, Oliebladsgade 7, 2300 København

    Airport: Kastrup Airport Copenhagen

    Participation fee: 75 (minimum) or 100-150 euros

    Travel and insurance: self-paid (In case financial assistance is needed, contact us please.)

    Arrival: 3rd October, before 16:00

    Departure: 8th October, after breakfast. However, if you plan to run for the ERC role, please kindly plan your departure for 9th October, as the 8th October will be the day for the meeting of incoming and outgoing ERC groups.

    For your action:

    1. Apply to be a Delegate to represent your SCM by 30th May 2019 (extended) – Details and  application form.
    2. Apply to be an ERC member for 2017-2019 by 1st September 2019 – Details and application form.
    3. Submit your suggested changes to the By Laws of WSCF Europe by filling in this form by 1st August.
    4. Consider running for a position in the WSCF Europe Nomination Committee, and apply by 30th SeptemberDetails and application form.


    For reference:

        1. ERA 2019 info pack
        2. ERC roles, including those currently open
        3. ERA 2019 Agenda
        4. By Laws of the WSCF-Europe
          1. Proposed Amendments for ERA 2019
          2. Explanations to Proposed Amendments – SCM Norway
          3. Explanations to Proposed Amendments – ERC/ERA 2017 Group
        5. WSCF Costitution
        6. Documents from ERA 2017: Minutes & Policy Papers
        7. Testimonials of past ERC members
        8. 2017 Annual report
        9. Info Booklet for Delegates


    The Regional Assembly of WSCF-Europe (ERA) is the highest decision-making body of the WSCF-Europe. The ERA gathers bi-annually, and consists of all Student Christian member Movements of WSCF-Europe. The tasks of the ERA are the following:

    1. To discuss and vote on the organisational and thematic direction of the region for the upcoming two years;
    2. To elect a new European Regional Committee (ERC), which consists of representatives of the Federation, which come from associated or affiliated
      member movements. The elected ERC serves as the standing committee until the next ERA;
    3. To review and vote upon possible changes of the By Laws, which govern as the constitution of WSCF-Europe;
    4. To renew as a community and to pray together for a common vision.


    This year’s ERA will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark, between 3-8th October, and is organised in collaboration with YMCA Denmark. The event is made possible by funding received from the European Commission, through the Erasmus+ Programme.

    ERC is keen to have as many of the affiliated and associated Student Christian Movements represented at this year’s ERA, and invites all movements to choose Delegates that can represent them in Denmark.

    The ERA is also a time for reviewing the By-Laws of WSCF Europe. Every movement can submit a proposal to amend this document guiding the region. After you submit your proposal, 6 weeks before the Assembly, all proposals will be communicated to movements for the review process.

    The WSCF Europe team is looking forward to seeing you to help us create the future for our organisation together, through spiritual renewal and positive community time in Denmark.

    For any comments and thoughts, please feel free to contact the Chair, Zuzana Babicova at .

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  3. Call for Participants: WSCF Senior Friends Gathering 2019

    WSCF Senior Friend Gathering 2019

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    3-6 October 2019

    WSCF-Europe invites Senior Friends from all around the world to gather for an inter-generational exchange, with current students and leadership of WSCF-E, to talk about what we find important, to have theological and Biblical reflection, to gather to pray and have a good time together, as a community in Jesus Christ. This event will take place alongside the WSCF-E Regional Assembly 3rd-8th October, hosted by YMCA Denmark.

    WSCF-E is seeking a few Senior Friends who can also be Program Coordinators of this meeting, to help co-create the content with the leadership of WSCF-E, who will be coordinating the Assembly.

    How to apply?

    Apply to participate in the Gathering by filling-in this simple application form by 10th June 2019. [Applications might be accepted after this deadline – please write to us to express your interest in attending.]

    How much will it cost?

    The participation fee will be of approximately 250 euros (price to be confirmed). This includes accommodation and food ( in twin rooms – 3 nights and full boarding). The travel expenses are expected to be covered by the participants.

    Previous gatherings happened in 20092016, and we wish to continue this tradition. For further information, please contact Zuzka Babicova at .  We look forward to seeing you in Copenhagen!

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  4. Call for Regional Assembly Delegates

    We invite Student Christian Movement representatives from across Europe to apply as delegates for their movements to our next European Regional Assembly, which will take place in October, in Denmark!

    The Regional Assembly of WSCF-Europe (ERA) is the highest decision-making body of the WSCF-Europe. The ERA gathers bi-annually, and consists of all Student Christian member Movements of WSCF-Europe. The tasks of the ERA are the following:

    1. To discuss and vote on the organisational and thematic direction of the region for the upcoming two years;
    2. To elect a new European Regional Committee (ERC), which consists of representatives of the Federation, which come from associated or affiliated
      member movements. The elected ERC serves as the standing committee until the next ERA;
    3. To review and vote upon possible changes of the By Laws, which govern as the constitution of WSCF-Europe;
    4. To renew as a community and to pray together for a common vision.


    When: 3rd-8th October 2019

    Where: Copenhagen, Denmark

    What: 4 days focused on member movements, planning for 2020-2022, the future of the organisation, meeting YMCA Denmark and much more.

    Am I Eligible? Your movement can send 1 staff member and 1-2 delegates. You can apply if you are a member of an associated or affiliated movement of WSCF-Europe. To check if your movement is associated or affiliated to WSCF-Europe, visit our website here. You should be nominated/endorsed by your organisation’s board/committee to represent your movement at this statutory meeting.

    Deadline: 30th May 2019 (extended)

    Application form: The application form can be found here.

    Contact: In case you have questions about the ERA or your application, please contact Zuzana Babicova, WSCF-Europe Chairperson, at .

    Organising team: Our organising team looks forward to receiving your application and working with you together in October. The team is formed by: Zuzana Babicova (Chairperson), Natia Tsintsadze (Regional Secretary), Luise Klein (Links Coordinator), and Krista Autio (Global Networking Coordinator).

    Practical and Financial information: The accommodation is not in the hotel style in shared rooms. The sleeping arrangement is within YMCA building and a sleeping bag is needed. The participation fee is 15 euros per day (75 euros overall) and the travel costs paid 100% by the delegate or your movement. More info in the application form.

    Organised with financial support from:




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  5. Call for applications: Lingua Franca Leadership Training 2019

    Call for Participants

    World Student Christian Federation in Europe, in cooperation with Otto per Mille Chiesa Valdese, is organising the

    Leadership Training Programme Lingua Franca

    14 – 19 May 2019 , Georgia


    What? Leadership Training Programme Lingua Franca Shared Future, Shared Responsibilities: Empowering New Generation of Europeans

    When? 14 – 19 May, 2019

    Where? Georgia


    Have you heard that the all time favourite programme Lingua Franca is happening this year in May? But what is Lingua Franca actually?

    Leadership training: to assist student movement-building in Eastern and Central Europe since early ’90s. This was due to the fact that independent youth work had often faced severe restrictions due to political situations until then in Eastern Europe. Lingua Franca works to empower people to be independent, critical and respectful thinkers, and to be such leaders in their communities. Leadership training is our aim for both volunteers who deliver the programme, as well as those who benefit from the programme.

    Language training: English as the main language of political change is the privilege that is not available to everyone. At Lingua Franca, we strive to make this “privilege” more accessible to young people who really need it. During the training, simple English is used, which makes it easier to create group cohesion.

    Our approach is to create a space where everyone feels comfortable and confident to contribute to discussions with different levels of language skills.

    Ecumenical and inter-cultural encounter: another aim of the Lingua Franca has been to bring together young Christians from all over Central and Eastern Europe to discover their own cultural differences and similarities, to discuss  country-specific issues, as well as to inspire them to get active in their home environments to promote tolerance and inclusion.

    Check out some testimonials or pictures from past Lingua Franca events. 

    Why join the Lingua Franca Leadership Training Programme?

    You are an active young person and would like to be engaged even more? Would you like to improve your professional competence on how to develop, manage and promote advocacy strategies and new ways of participation?

    You can identify and share challenges as well as solutions with other young people from different backgrounds? You want to learn how to transfer the knowledge through developing a training course model that can be adapted and translated into local context?

    If you want to learn how to put skills into practice, reflect on empowerment and encourage networking, best practice sharing approaches in the field of interfaith and intercultural dialogue, then join us in Georgia.

    Application Procedures and Deadlines:

    The training is open to students and young people from the WSCF-Europe member movements (SCMs) in Europe, contact groups and partner organisations.

    Great opportunity for young people aged between 18-30 years old (exceptions are possible when justified) from different European countries to reflect and improve their approach to youth empowerment and youth leadership, with a specific focus on advocacy, campaigning and grassroots interventions. Join us in Georgia.

    You can submit your application through the online application form by March 7th 2019.

    Practical and Financial Information:

    Participation fee: Full participation fee is 170 €, which includes board and lodging for the duration of the training course. For the delegates of the SCMs in Europe wishing to be represented at the meeting but not able to meet the costs, there is a possibility to apply for a reduced participation fee. Please contact us at: .

    Travel costs: Delegates are expected to cover their own travel costs to Georgia, but if you require financial support in order to attend, there is a possibility to apply for a scholarship for your travel costs. Please contact us at before buying travel tickets.

    Visas: Visa costs will be reimbursed by WSCF-Europe. We will issue an invitation letter that should facilitate the delivery of visas to attend the training course.

    The preparatory team is looking forward to seeing you in Georgia.

    Yulia Bajelidze, WSCF Global Advocacy and Solidarity Committee Member  

    Christiane Gebauer, WSCF-Europe Programme Coordinator

    Ramy Farouk, WSCF-Europe Volunteer

    Pavlina Manavska, WSCF-Europe Campaign Coordinator

    Natia Tsintsadze, World Student Christian Federation Executive for Europe

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  6. Download your free 2019 WSCF-E Calendar!


    Step by step guidance on how to print your own 2019 WSCF-E Calendar:

    1. Download Page 1 and Page 2 of the calendar.
    2. Print the pages on the front and back of an A2 sheet.
    3. Fold the A2 sheet into 4, making sure that on each side you have two white end pages and two central pages with the months and dates on.
    4. Bring the two white end pages together, making sure the calendar takes a pyramid/triangular shape.


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  7. Daniel Jara

    Daniel Jara
    Mozaik Editor-in- Chief

    Daniel is a 29 years-old theologian and psychologist from Quito, Ecuador. He was raised there and after finishing college he specialized in Intercultural Theology, Ecumenism and Epistemology in The Netherlands, Germany, and Portugal respectively. He is interested in the rich diversity of reflections and practices of the Christian faith around the world and in the needed process to make them understandable to each other.

    He has been involved in youth Ecumenical initiatives during the last years. His vision for MOZAIK is to transform it into a publication of reference among young Christian students in Europe. A journal which is characterized by its special reverence for facts, plurality, audacity, and engagement with gender, sexual, racial and ethnic inclusivity. He is a movie fan, news consumer, books lover and is beginning in the art of Bonsai.

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  8. Mozaik: Call for Articles

    Submit by: 28th February

    General Topic: Diversity and Inclusion from a Youth European Perspective

    Diversity is one of the salient characteristics of Europe. Spanish Paella and German Bratwurst, Finnish, Italian, Greek and Czech languages; wherever one looks, diversity is there! Nevertheless, it seems like there are ‘diversities we enjoy’ and other ones that nowadays challenge European identity. What about a religiously diverse Europe? Or a multi-ethnic one? Or how to answer the forces that aim to segregate peoples, nations, religions and ethnic-groups? Is the ‘call of the tribe’, as Vargas Llosa calls it, so strong that it threatens European coexistence?

    During the past year, participants at our conferences in Thessaloniki, Strasbourg and Palermo reflected on these and similar questions. In our 2019 MOZAIK issue we want to delve into these topics. Therefore, we welcome perspectives from European students and people with experience in inclusive social initiatives. We are interested in discovering and reflecting on these experiences and how ethnic or religious diversity can enhance European societies through text, visual art, poetry and other mediums.

    Who do I contact?

    We are accepting contributions of articles up to 2,000 words, with a preliminary deadline of 28th February 2019. For more information, contact Mozaik’s Editor-in-Chief Daniel Jara, at .

    We look forward to receiving your contributions!

    The topic of Mozaik’s next issue is linked to our Work Plan 2018, which was supported through funding received from the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.

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  9. Campaign Photo Competition – ‘One for all. All for one’

    The winners are here! Between October-December 2018, WSCF Europe welcomed  photo submissions from young people around Europe, on the topics of diversity and inclusion. After a long and careful deliberation, the jury has finally reached a decision on what photos and photographers should take away our prizes and warmest congratulations. Here are the winners!


    1st Prize 

    ‘Unity in Prayer’ – David Barbakadze (Georgia)

    “The photo I took in one of the oldest district of Tbilisi which is famous for its unique multicultural nature. This small historic neighbourhood is often called as ‘center of religions’ as you can find mosque, synagogue, catholic, orthodox and Gregorian churches next to each other. The directions’ sign on the photo indicate all important places in this district among which you can observe mosque, synagogue, Georgian orthodox church and Armenian church. Each of these buildings have its own wonderful old history, but I think it’s not by chance that all of them are standing in the same neighbourhood. For me the district represents an ‘Unity of Prayer’. This is how I also named the photo and why I link it to the theme of the WSCF-Europe photo competition. I think the story of this small district in Tbilisi very much tells us about the importance of coexistence and dialogue among different religions, cultures, ethnic groups. And that, how different we should not be in our believes, we still can live together as those three birds sitting peacefully on the direction’s signs.”


    2nd Prize

    ‘Colours of the Life’ – Ana Meladze (Georgia)

    “I took the photo during the summer 2016 in Batumi, my favourite city in Georgia. I think that Batumi is really a special city – the “Pearl of the Black Sea,” as it is often called. It is situated in mountainous southwest Georgia on the Black Sea coastline, neighbouring to Turkey. For centuries, it suffered many conflicts between the rival powers, while also nurturing complex religious, ethnic, and linguistic identities. Today, though, the city is very proud of its rich diversity and the cosmopolitan atmosphere. Walking in the streets of Batumi you can meet people of different ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds. That is why taking the photo of the street blocks coloured by children had a signifiant impact on me back in 2016 and it still has today. That is why I think the photo is related to the completion topics. To me that photo always represented the hope and love for life. Life that every person built throughout the years, like the streets are built by the blocks. Even if sometimes the blocks are grey, they may turn into a wonderful colour if we do colour them. I believe our lives are richer and meaningful with many colours. I believe that the society is stronger with its diverse population and I wish every person how different they should not be from each other should live the life with dignity and respect. Inspired by the city and context I took the photo in and aiming to capture the spirit of togetherness in diversity I named the photo as “Colours of the Life”.


    3rd Prize

    ‘Imagine a Future Together’ – Nikola Putica (Macedonia)

    “This photograph was taken in Skopje in the middle of September. The photograph title is: ‘Imagine a future together’. On the photograph the children are representing the future as and one of them is ‘levitating’; which shows an absolute progress. Behind them in third ground, you can notice a city light by EU.

    ‘Lock Me with Love’ – Diana Yeghiazaryan (Armenia)

    “On the bridge Pont des Arts in Paris, people add locks of different shapes and sizes, thus creating a colorful metal curtain along the bridge. The story and thoughts behind this photo are related with the society, where we live. Like the bridge, we add lockers on it, build relationships, usually several ones, sometimes bonding two lockers at the same time. We cannot unlock ourselves from this net, if the lockers and bonds are many. Likewise, the society….when we include people and tie with many bonds, it will be simply impossible to marginalize, radicalize or polarize..


    Thank you to all the participants for their involvement! 

    This competition was part of the campaign ‘One for All. All for One’, ran by WSCF-Europe in 2018, with the support of the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.

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  10. Call for Team Lingua Franca

    We need you! We are looking for Event Team Members and Coordinator!

    First organised 20 years ago, WSCF-Europe Lingua Franca meetings provide a space for language learning, cultural exchange, ecumenical encounter and ecumenical leadership training. The target group of this programme is students from Eastern and Central Europe. About 15-20 students and young adults will meet for a week in April/May 2019 , in Georgia.

    The training provided will focus on two key-areas:

    • Language Training– English will be the main language, but a simple English will be used and there will be sessions focused on breaking down linguistic barriers.
    • Leadership Training– in order to educate people on how to build movements in Central and Eastern Europe.

    To provide a brilliant training and have an amazing time together, we are currently looking for 2 team members and a team coordinator, that will work together from January until May 2019 on how to make this happen. So if you are an open-minded person, willing to learn from and with others, have experience in conference/event organization and are involved with WSCF or local movements, we are looking forward to getting to know you!

    For the Team Coordinator, we look for someone with: a good understanding of what event organisation and management means; a passion for working with people; and who is resourceful and committed to take full ownership of event experience with others. The Team Coordinator should have experience: coordinating a project team; designing/delivering a training /learning programme; and the ability to prioritise. It is key to have experience working with young people and, ideally, experience with Lingua Franca or any “youth access” program. You will be given support to coordinate and learn on the job, and you will be advised on organisational practices and tools to use to organize events efficiently and effectively.

    Deadline for applications:  16 December 2018

    Please fill-in this application form before 16 December 2018, to give us an idea on who you are, what you could contribute and what you would like to learn from this unique event!

    Hope to meet you soon,

    Your European Regional Committee

    For more information, contact Zuzana Babicova () or Christiane Gebauer ().  

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