1. Call for applications: Communications Officer’s position

    Location: work from home or being based in our WSCF-E  Trento office

    Hours: 1 day a week, flexible work arrangement (32  hours monthly)

    Start Date:  Between 1 June – 1 July 2017, or according to contract

    Duration: 1 year with the possibility to extend for up to 3 years and expand for up to 2 days per week upon successful evaluation

    Remuneration: € 320 euro gross monthly (taxation according to taxation law in the candidate’s country, possible taxes and social payments done by the worker)

     Communications Officer

    About us

    Our organisation, World Student Christian Federation- Europe, is a small umbrella NGO which has member movements all across Europe. Our Trento-based staff, together with a group of motivated volunteers, work for our members and interested people to realise our vision of just and peaceful communities in our societies.

    We work with young people and students to create bridges across barriers of religion, Christian denominations, nationality and gender. We raise awareness of key issues of our times and educate and empower youth. Can you help make our vision have a tangible impact?

    The role

    We are looking for a creative person that can help us with digital communications work. You will get many opportunities to learn – improve your technical skills in organisational communication, PR; as well as your project management skills. You can live anywhere in Europe, as the work will be utilizing online platforms, and will be coordinated via emails.


    What will you do?

    Social media administration and content development (60%)

    • 2 Newsletters- once in two months and the other newsletter once in 4 months
    • Website administration and moderation
    • Facebook moderation and content development
    • LinkedIn organisational account administration and updating upon request

    Communications projects  (40%)

    • E- Christmas and Easter card development
    • assisting in less complex  poster design
    • Creating online applications/surveys/etc.
    • Any other communications tasks as need be (promotional brochures, etc.)

    When it comes to social media – your role will be to oversee and to produce our bi-monthly Newsletter and quarterly Alumni newsletter using Mailchimp; to administer and moderate our website and to post new content; to produce simple visual elements for our content; to update our Facebook page with relevant content from our website and our partners’ announcements. Beside this, each month there will be some work on producing communication materials which can range from calls for event applicants, calls for event team members or event participants, etc. or any other.


    As this job can be done from anywhere in Europe, you are free to work when it suits you during the week. Important shall be to meet the deadlines and to produce work in timely manner. You will be responsible for your work to WSCF-Europe regional committee who will evaluate your work after the probation period of 3 months. There will be regular communication established between you and your line managers (WSCF-E Chairperson and Regional Secretary, representing WSCF-E regional committee).

    Reporting of worked hours shall be done on weekly basis to oversee your workload and adjust hours if need be and compensate overtimes.

    What should you have?

    You will find a downloadable file with detailed required characteristics and skills for this position here.


    Applications and interviews

    • Application deadline is 20 March 2017 (extended)
    • Interview process: Shortlisted candidates will be invited for 1 hour interview which will be conducted via Skype. You will also receive a small task to show us how you can use the basic tools you will need in your work.
    • To apply, please send a CV and your motivation letter stating why you would be a good match for this position, referring to the person specifications. Send it to Zuzana Babicova ().
    • For any informal conversation about the job, please contact Zuzana Babicova at the above email address. We are looking forward to hearing from you!
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  2. WSCF Inter-Regional Leadership Training Programme 2016 REPORT

    The WSCF IRLTP on Migrants and Refugees Rights was held from December 1 to 6, 2016 at the CCDB Hope Centre in Dhaka Bangladesh. The theme of the program was “Youth Agenda in Advocating for Migrants and Refugees Rights and Its Intersection with Racial Justice.” Hosted by the Student Christian Movement (SCM) Bangladesh, the program was supported by the Karibu Foundation and Otto Per Mille of the Waldensian Church in Italy, with contributions from the United Church of Christ USA and United Church of Canada.

    The program was divided into two main sections, the Advocacy Training from Dec 2 to 4, participated by members of Student Christian Movements (SCMs) from different countries and

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  3. Contest: Design a T-shirt – winner gets a free shirt with own design!


    We invite everyone to send your ideas or drawings of how WSCF-E T-shirt could look like. It can be a slogan, a meme, a drawing, a composition… you name it! Send your idea to by 23 February 2017.

    Contest winner will get a free T-shirt and the latest edition of our Mozaik magazine.
    The winner will be chosen by the members of the European Regional Committee.

    Let’s make us an awesome T-shirt!

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  4. Invitation to WSCF-North America Leadership Training Programme “Resisting Empire”


    WSCF-North America and Student Christian Movement-USA are organising a Leadership Training Program (LTP) Resisting Empire during 23-26 March, 2017 in Berkeley, California.

    This gathering will be an opportunity for students, young adults and senior friends to engage in conversations around movement building locally and nationally, to discuss glo-cal activism, and to reflect theologically upon the Christian faith and how it informs social and political engagement within the context of global grassroots organizing and movement building. This event will provide participants with concrete skills and tools to engage/mobilize their region in conversations on racial justice and the intersectionality of identity surrounding it, experience spiritual growth as they engage in this Kingdom work, and develop their next faithful steps individually and for their campus/region.

    WSCF-Europe can send one delegate to the event. European delegates are expected to cover their travel costs and a registration fee in amount of $250. To the delegates from the member movements WSCF-Europe can provide a financial support for the registration fee. Interested candidates should send their motivation letter to by the 15th of February.

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  5. International Migrants Alliance: Trump’s executive orders are racist, anti-migrant, anti-refugee


    A step towards a more xenophobic America?

    This is the question that the International Migrants Alliance poses as it criticizes the recent moves of US President Donald Trump to further restrict immigration in the United States through executive orders he has signed in his first week of office.

    Trump recently ordered a four-month suspension of its refugee program while limiting entry through more rigorous processes for asylum seekers and refugees coming from seven Muslim-majority countries to “keep radical Islamic terrorists out of the United States of America.” Those of Christian religion however, are extended exemption.

    Earlier in the week, Trump ordered the immediate construction of the wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

    According to IMA chairperson Eni Lestari, Trump, through his executive orders and pronouncements, is only fanning the flames of anti-Islamism, racial hate, ostracism, and bigotry that are fast spreading throughout America.

    “By alluding to those believing in Islam as possible terrorists, Trump justifies racism and his actions encouraging more racial conflict and divide. He brings the ‘with us or against us’ mantra of the George W. Bush presidency, a presidency known for waging the war of invasion on Iraq,” Lestari stated.

    According to Lestari, it is tragic that a country of migrants and refugees, the country where the global compact for migrants and refugees was agreed upon by states, peoples’ organizations and various stakeholders in 2016, will have a president who will champion racism and discrimination instead of solidarity and unity.

    IMA expresses urgent concern for the safety and security of the Muslim-Americans as well as other people of color residing in the U.S. “Such statements from the current president could only encourage attacks on Muslim Americans and many others who will fit this racial profile. Not only that, these statements could lead into more oppressive state-instigated actions, which include immigrant arrests, crackdowns and deportation,” Lestari added.

    IMA expresses solidarity with its member organizations based in the U.S. as well as many organizations and individuals who joined the Women’s March and expressed opposition to Trump’s anti-migrant statements and policies.

    “With his policies and orders, the Trump presidency poses a threat to solidarity, racial understanding and justice that many of us uphold and promote. We will not allow this to happen. IMA will mobilize its member organizations in the U.S. and all over the world in protesting against this most hated policy of a racist and anti-woman president of the U.S.A.” concluded Lestari.


    Eni Lestari, IMA Chairperson

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  6. Apply now to the Conference of European Churches General Assembly working groups as WSCF-Europe youth representative!

    Interested in working at ecumenical field?

    Hoping to get experienced in organizing big events?

    Do you have a passion to pray and worship together with Christians from different denominations?

    You might be what we look for! Apply now to the Conference of European Churches General Assembly working groups as WSCF-Europe youth representative.

    CEC looks for two young volunteers for two working groups to develop their next General Assembly in June 2018 Novi Sad, Serbia. First working group will supervise the preparations of the Assembly and the second working group will take responsibility of the spiritual life of the Assembly.

    The representative is expected to be 30 years old or younger at the time of the nomination and have an understanding of the global ecumenical movement (from their church and cultural perspective, and personal involvement) and some experience of major ecumenical or other church events. They should be members of a CEC member church. Regarding Assembly Worship Committee, it would be appreciated if nominees have good grasp of their own liturgical tradition and/or church music skills.

    CEC appreciates if the nominees are able to travel to their next Assembly Planning Committee meeting from 6-7 February.

    Deadline for application: 7 February 2017

    Contact person: Natia Tsintsadze,

    How to apply: Send your CV and a short motivation letter (300 words maximum on how you could best meet needs of worship committee for CEC General Assembly)

    We are looking forward to hearing from you.

    WSCF-Europe team

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  7. Religions for Peace announces its 2017 Interfaith Youth Prize, 3000 USD

    Religions for Peace announces its Interfaith Youth Prize for innovative approaches to multi-religious youth collaboration!

    Three prizes, each up to US $3,000, will be awarded to three interfaith youth networks on the local or national level. Members of WSCF-Europe are eligible to apply, because WSCF-Europe is a member of European Interfaith Youth Network, which is part of Religions for Peace.

    The RfP Interfaith Youth Prize will be awarded to the most creative and sustainable projects encouraging dialogue and strengthening collaboration among youth of diverse religious traditions to take concrete actions in three issue areas:

    1) Violent Religious Extremism
    2) Refugee Crisis
    3) Climate Change

    Innovation can take many shapes. RfP is looking for ideas big and small that can result in tangible results. All you need to do is to send in a brief one page concept that describes the project and how it is innovative, timeline of implementation, and expected outcome. Deadline is Wednesday, February 28th

    Last year, one of our EIYN member organizations – Coexister from France – got one of the prizes.

    Please read for more details on how to apply in the attachment.


    Let us know on if you are interested to apply!

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  8. Looking back at 2016 & forward to 2017

     Zuzana Babicová, WSCF-Europe Chairperson

    We have the year 2016 behind and looking forward to 2017.

    I would describe 2016 with these words – with commitment moving to challenging times internally and with faith and ever searching spirit creating spaces for discussion.

    In 2016 we continued with our long term focus on internal organisational development – with the internal database project, we launched alumnae engagement activities – such as registration of skills being the invitation to join our projects, joining the official Circle of WSCF-E Friends and establishing communication tools for WSCF-Europe Friends – a special newsletter and a closed Facebook group. In 2016, we also organized the 2 days event for our alumnae/Senior Friends in Budapest. We have also moved on with initiative to produce WSCF-E history book by launching a crowdfund-raising campaign to realize the first stage of the project. Last but not least, we developed a regular giving project which we are launching now in January.

    In our work for students, we continued with capacity building activities by our annual training in 2016 being focused on volunteer work management and continued to provide opportunities within WSCF-E for young people in various capacities. We have been once again able to include students from outside of Europe to our events. Our key international event focused on important questions related to gender enabled us to reflect with wide student audience on identity issues that we want to confront with searching mind. Our journal Mozaik has continued to be a stamp of the thoughts that students are bringing for discernment. 

    2016 build a lot of grounding for the year 2017- it will be the year of further internal development in the area of financial stability and development in the area of communications, legacy and inviting Friends of WSCF-Europe into our work. 2016 will be also the year of our key bi-annual statutory meeting. Stay in touch with us for our 3 events this yeartraining in Lithuania, international student conference on Migration in Ireland, WSCF-E Friends Gathering in Italy and Combating Hate Speech campaign run internationally.

    Keep in touch and join us in our open activities!


    Best wishes to everyone in 2017,

    WSCF-Europe Chairperson

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  9. Briefing from WSCF Staff & Officers meeting in Dhaka, Bangladesh

    In the beginning of December the WSCF global staff and officers had in-person annual meeting in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The meeting followed the WSCF Inter-regional Leadership Training Programme that this year covered the theme of Migrants and Refugees Rights and hosted WSCF delegates from all around the world.

    Last year was very challenging period for the Federation and in Dhaka we aimed to review and critically assess our work of the past year and the ongoing transition processes. We worked on the strategic planning for the next years and finalised the action plan for 2017. We also looked at current operational structures, finances and fundraising and analysed how to best utilise our internal capacities and resources to bring the Federation at the next level of development.

    In Bangladesh we have experienced an amazing hospitality from our friends and colleagues from the local movement. A big thanks, Dhonno-baad to everyone who showed enormous support and care throughout our stay in Dhaka. The meeting was also a great opportunity to reconnect and meet with some of the senior friends from Bangladesh and Asia-Pacific Region and celebrate altogether the WSCF unity and spirit right before the Christmas.

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  10. Indonesian SCM appreciates the stance of Vatican on Israeli-Palestinian conflict

    The National Executive Comittee Of Indonesia Student Christian Movement Appreciating the Vatican Stance against Palestine, ”Trump Should Attend Pope’s attitude.”

    Earlier this year, the world community to hear good news from the Holy See, which at the beginning of this month, the Palestinian embassy was officially opened at the Vatican. The opening of the Palestinian embassy official in the Vatican shows Pope Francis attitude that recognizes the Palestinian state and support the policy of two state solution as the best path to peace between the two countries.

    In response, The National Executive Comittee of Indonesia Student Christian Movement looked Vatican policy indicates that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not a religious conflict, but an issue of peace and sovereignty.

    According to the chairman of The National Executive Comittee of Indonesia Student Christian Movement ‘Mr. Sahat Sinurat’, all countries in the world including the United States through a new process of leadership change must still try to realize the two-state solution to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We recommend that the countries in the world, including the United States does not make foreign policy that is contrary to the policy of a two-state solution in order not to worsen the diplomatic process that is already running for this. January 22, 2017.

    ”The UN and member states should be able to ensure adherence to UN Security Council Resolution issued by the 15 member countries related to the termination of expansion of Israeli settlements on Palestinian land.” This resolution is important because it supported an important step to realize the achievement of a two-state solution policy, he explained.

    ‘Sahat Sinurat’ also said, that the Government of Indonesia with a line of foreign policy such as that embodied in the preamble of the 1945 Constitution, should be actively involved in the settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by peaceful means.

    In this case The National Executive Comittee of Indonesia Student Christian Movement will support any positive steps the government with regard to the issue of Palestine. Independence and peace is the right of every nation that should be cherished and fought for.

    It is important for the world community to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by peaceful means.

    It is the right of the Palestinians to be able to enjoy the freedom and peace are essential, so that the Palestinian government can focus on thinking about how to promote justice and prosperity for all Palestinians, said Sahat.

    Translators : Ruben F. D. Oratmangun (Secretary of International Affairs of Indonesia SCM)

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