1. Call for International Preparatory Committee: “Humanity Reclaimed” Conference, Greece

    We are excited to announce an open call for the members of the International Preparatory Committee (IPC) for the youth conference “Humanity Reclaimed: Youth Perspective on Diversity and Inclusion”, that will take place in Greece, in December 2018.

    We are living the reality when discrimination, intolerance, xenophobic attacks, violent extremism, unemployment, underrepresentation and many other challenges fill our daily lives. This is particularly relevant to youth and we need to prepare young people to respond to this harsh reality with the most effective way possible: with humanity! For the WSCF-Europe this is not a new notion – it’s the core to everything we have ever done, but in no way exclusive only to our belief. In fact, it represents a common ground of understanding among people of different faith and belief. Humanity fosters understanding, acceptance and respect for another human being. During the youth conference in Greece, we would like to nurture this concept among young people and promote its wider use as a proactive response to any existing or future challenge. We believe that this is one strong, effective and long-term oriented way forward to raise youth workers, leaders, community members or just citizens.

    The topic and venue of the meeting have been selected on purpose. Thousands of refugees and migrants have been washed away on the shores of Greece in hope for a better life in Europe. These lives, mostly unknown ordinary people, are part of our humanity and by silencing our conscious about their death, we wash away our humanity, too. During the event in Greece, we would like to invite those young people directly affected by all of these challenges and those being in the forefront of protecting human rights of disadvantaged groups, democratic values of our society. The overall aim of the conference is to address challenges in Europe by finding innovative, effective, youth-led solutions. The conference will put youth perspectives at the centre of political debates, and highlight the importance of considering more active use of young people as part of solution.

    If you would like to explore these topics both from local and European perspectives, you are interested to learn and use non-formal educational met

    hods, work within an international team of young people, plan and facilitate the session with invited speakers and field experts, develop new skills, challenge yourself and have a lot of fun – than this project is for you!

    DEADLINE for submitting online applications: 15 July 2018.

    You may access online application form HERE.

    The main responsibilities of the International Preparatory Committee’s members are:

    • Active participation in the regular online meetings before the conference;
    • Participation in the in-person preparatory meeting during August/September 2018 (exact dates to be agreed and finalised by the members of the IPC);
    • Discuss and finalise a thematic framework of the conference and the programme;
    • Plan, review and finalise (at various stages of the project implementation) both methodological and organisational details;
    • Work with the team, fulfil the tasks and contribute to the overall group process and work;
    • Prepare the call and select the participants;
    • Prepare the participants for the conference sending them all the necessary information regarding the programme, providing guidance and support before, during and after the conference;
    • Invite and communicate with speakers, experts, resource persons and partners in accordance with the project aims;
    • Facilitate and lead the sessions of the conference;
    • Do the evaluations of the day and final evaluation of the conference;
    • Help with the reporting of the conference;
    • Help with the promotion of the conference and ensuring media visibility.

    Being a preparatory committee member at a WSCF-Europe conference would offer you:

    • Work in a lively international environment together with other members of the team;
    • Experience and develop your skills in managing of youth projects – preparation, implementation, evaluation, follow up and reporting;
    • Getting familiar with WSCF work, connect with other Christian students and young people in Europe;
    • Explore and learn topic of the conference;
    • Contribute with your own knowledge, experience and expertise;
    • Develop your skills in group work, leadership, facilitation and management;
    • Make connections and friends from all around Europe and have a lot of fun together!

    Timeline and plan of activities:

    • Online work on preparatory tasks and programme (July – December 2018);
    • First in-person preparatory meeting (August/September 2018);
    • Final preparatory meeting right before the conference (December 2018);
    • The conference (December 2018);
    • Evaluation meeting after the conference (December 2018);
    • Help with reporting of the event (December-January 2018).


    The programme of the conference is based on non-formal education and intercultural learning, with some key elements of group work, theoretical inputs, thematic field trip, workshops, presentations, followed by debate and discussion. The programme creates different learning spaces (role plays, simulation games, interactive exercises, plenary sessions, group work, brainstorming and independent reflections) for participants which will be rotated throughout five working days.


    Accommodation, food, travels and visa costs for International Preparatory Committee members will be fully covered.

    The project is financially supported by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.

    If you would like to get a taste of how it is to be in a Preparatory Committee, read this reflection by Pavlina Manavskathis one by Annika Foltin, or this one by James Jackson.

    For any questions, don’t hesitate to contact .

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  2. Call for Applications: WSCF-AP Regional Program on Peacebuilding & Dialogue in the Korean Peninsula

    The World Student Christian Federation Asia-Pacific (WSCF-AP) is organizing  a Regional Program on Peacebuilding and Dialogue, hosted by the Korea Student Christian Federation (KSCF). Thirty-three students and youth are expected to gather in Seoul, Korea between 17-24th August 2018,  for sustainable peace, as they reflect on the theme:  A Prophetic Call for Peace-Ecumenical Students & Youth for Sustainable Peace in Korean Peninsula

    WSCF Europe (WSCF-E) would like to invite SCM members from our Europe region to participate in this event and represent WSCF-E in Korea.

    Sunita Suna, WSCF-AP Regional Executive and Identity, Diversity and Dialogue (IDD) Program Leader, describes the event, as follows:

    It’s timely to hold this regional level program together with the KSCF as we witness the historic Inter-Korean Summit for peace and reunification in Korean Peninsula. The international ecumenical student/ youth community’s presence will bring solidarity to the people of Korea as they pursue the peace process, but also our presence will help us in strengthening the network and relations with the students and youth of Korea, to work together for sustainable peace in the Korean peninsula. The presence of  international community in Seoul this year is also significant as KSCF is celebrating its 70th anniversary of their ecumenical journey among the student community in campuses, Churches, and in Korean society. They will have an opportunity to celebrate together with KSCF witnessing KSCF’s mission and ministry for the last 70 years! We are very much looking forward to having you for the said program in Seoul, Korea.”

    Applicants must cover the airfare and the registration fees of $100 (USD). WSCF-AP and KSCF will take care of the board and lodging, and the expenses for the exposure to DMZ.

    Read the concept paper and a tentative schedule for more information on the program, and apply today. Online registration is open and the registration form can be filled in here. The deadline for applications is 30th June (extended).Please also email WSCF-E, at , when filling-in the application, informing us about your participation.

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  3. Call for participants: Study Session “How is Peace Possible”

    ‘How is Peace Possible?’ 

    Study session,  22-26 October 2018, France


    What is the event about?

    “How is Peace Possible” conference will bring more than 25 young people from Europe and the Middle East to ask questions as – what is peace for Christianity and other religions? How do our laws/institutions  ensure peace?  We will discuss what is it to have peace on inter personal, community and institutional/country level. We will want to mobilize ourselves,  young people within Europe or worldwide to create awareness, explore concepts of peace, advocate, take action and commit to an everlasting world peace.

    During the study session we will approach the topic from different perspectives. We will speak about case studies and invite you as our participants to contribute your own experience. Finally we hope to find ways to get actively engaged for peace, we will provide you with toolboxes that help you to become ambassadors of peace in your home countries.

    Peace is the ability to respect differences within our diverse global community transcending the sovereignty of nations. Peace on earth begins in the heart of each person. It is first of all our hearts that have to be changed- welcoming a peace that will spread out and be communicated from one person to another.


    Achieve inner peace and thousands around you will be saved.

    (Seraphim of Sarov, a Russian monk, 1759-1833) .


    Peace ensures human dignity and guarantees humanity is preserved for future generations. Sometimes it takes a generation to be great. You can be that generation.”

    Nelson Mandela


    Violence as a way of achieving racial justice is both impractical and immoral. I am not unmindful of the fact that violence often brings about momentary results. Nations have frequently won their independence in battle. But in spite of temporary victories, violence never brings permanent peace

    Martin Luther King, Jr.



    France, Strasbourg, CoE European Youth Centre.


    Arrival – Sunday 21 October and departure Saturday 27 October

    Who can attend?

    The study session is open to all member movements of WSCF-Europe and also to our partner youth organisations. This event is also open to a small number of members of WSCF from the Middle East region too.  

    Application details:

    Fill in  the application form by 8th September 2018 (extended).

    To check for available spaces, contact freely Christiane at

    Financial contribution:

    • the participation fee is 50 €
    • Travel expenses are covered 100% under strict documentation requirements


    Christiane Gebauer, WSCF-E Program Coordinator

    Zuzana Babicova, WSCF-E Chairperson

    Natia Tsintsadze, WSCF-E Executive

    Stefan Manevski (Educational Advisor, CoE)

    Ramy Farouk (WSCF Middle East representative)

    Elena Andreescu (SCM France)

    Kam Suan Mung (SCM Germany)


    The study session agenda is now available here.

    For any enquiries, contact the Study session Coordinator Christiane Gebauer .

    The project is financially supported by the Council of Europe Youth Department, the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe and the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission.



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  4. Francesca Vincenzi

    Francesca Vincenzi

    Communications and Office Intern

    Hi, my name is Francesca and I work as an intern of WSCF-E. I live in Italy and I am currently studying in Trento. My studies are in the area of linguistic intermediation for tourism and business, indeed I study English and German.

    I have known WSCF-E in 2018 and I’m glad to collaborate with this organization because I really share the same values and I’d like to give my contribution in order to enjoy a better world. With regard to my work experience, I have worked as entertainer in a summer camp of a church, furthermore I have given a little help, taking care of the bureaucracy in an representative office based in Umbria, where I come from.

    I spend my free time taking photos and riding; I love travel and discover new places and culture, taking pictures to some breath-taking view. I am also passionate about horses, I took part in some jumping competition but with the beginning of the university I had to interrupt my great passion. In the future I hope I will keep in touch with WSCF-E and to be part of this big community.

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  5. Call for the participant: ACT Alliance Assembly, Sweden 28 Oct-1 Nov 2018

    You can become the delegate of WSCF at the ACT Alliance General Assembly which will take place in Uppsala, Sweden from 28 October to 1 November 2018, under the theme “Hope in action – Putting People First”. The General Assembly is ACT Alliance’s highest decision-making body and highest representation of the life of ACT Alliance members, where delegates of ACT member organisations will determine the future strategic direction of ACT, elect ACT governance for the next term, review the membership model and statutes, as well as share experiences about issues facing the membership and worship together celebrating cultural diversity. The Assembly will close with a Joint Day with the WCC Executive Committee focused on Ecumenical Diakonia and Sustainable Development. Please regularly check our ACT assembly website for information and updates:

    Finances:  travel costs & conference fee will be covered jointly by WSCF and ACT Alliance

    How to apply?
    Please send the motivation letter to Zuzana Babicova at  by 11 March 2018 outlining your interest in the assembly and membership of the movement. This is a call for nomination open to members of WSCF-Europe network.

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  6. We are searching for conference preparation team members!

    Volunteers are essential to the success of WSCF-E events. So join us and let us do something special together! We are looking for you to help us organize a conference on the topic How is Peace Possible, which will take place from 22 to 26 October 2018 in France! You can

    • become part of a team that, from April to October 2018, will prepare the conference;
    • take on a big responsibility with other volunteers and help this event be a success;
    • challenge yourself, develop new skills in public relations work, time management and team work and realize your potential;
    • contribute your own knowledge, experience and talents;
    • connect with other Christian students, gain experience working in an international team and have a fun time together.

    Preparations will include two in-person meetings of the volunteer leadership team in France-one in June and the other one shortly before the conference

    If you would like to get a taste of how it is to be in a Preparatory Committee, read this reflection by Pavlina Manavska, or this one by Annika Foltin, or this one by James Jackson.

    To apply to become a volunteer, please fill in the application form by  20 March 2018 (extended).

    We look forward to hearing from you and to create our team!

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  7. Call for the participant: ‘Digitalisation & the future of work & social relations’

    What is the conference about?
    The conference will bring together delegates from Churches and Church organisations across Europe who work on or are concerned with social questions relating to labour, employment policies and economy, and who expect new insights and reflections from a European discussion. Digitalisation has become one of the most discussed topics in Europe and beyond. The Digital Single Market is a key priority for the European Commission. The states in Europe have set up plans to strengthen their digital potential and the fear of governments is to be left behind concerning expected economic growth and the creation of new jobs if one is not part of this very dynamic development.One main question is how digitalisation will affect the labour market more and more and shape social relations. This question relates not only to the concern that many jobs might be lost and unemployment will rise again as a result of automation and the use of robots, but incorporates also the discussion about how the profile and conditions of labour will evolve – through more automation and new forms of work (online platforms, sharing economy etc.). There is no doubt that this technological process will have implications for social relations. That is why we would like to invite you to a European discussion for the churches in Europe. Quality of work, working conditions and the development of social relations are essential topics for churches, grounded in the wisdom of the dignity of every person created in the image of God and appointed to work for the protection but also flourishing of creation and for the common good. The conference will raise awareness, exchange theological and social-ethical perspectives, and develop tools to use at home but also in European discussions. Furthermore, the conference will contribute to the CEC-Assembly 2018 (31 May – 6 June 2018) in Novi Sad, Serbia.

    Location: Germany, Berlin 23-25 April

    Organizer: CEC CALL-network. CALL stands for “Church Action on Labour and Life”. The CALL-network has gone through a process of revision in the last years, supported and requested by the CEC Governing Board. The CALL-conference will bring together delegates from Churches and Church organisations across Europe who work on or are concerned with social questions relating to labour, employment policies and economy, and who expect new insights and reflections from a European discussion.

    Finances:  travel costs & conference fee 280 euro (WSCF-E and the organizer CEC can subsidize your costs if necessary)

    How to apply?
    Please send the motivation letter to Zuzana Babicova at by 1st March 2018 outlining your interest in the conference. This is a call for nomination open to members of WSCF-Europe network.

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  8. Call for a Campaign Volunteer

    About the campaign  “One for All. All for One”

    In 2018 WSCF-Europe will be leading a campaign titled “One for All. All for One.” We are forming a virtual network of young activists to widely disseminate positive narrative to hate speech, violent extremism and all forms of discrimination. Our work will start in May with the training in Sicily where we will form a group of committed people who will become goodwill ambassador and will represent media literacy generation locally working across Europe. Online platform for collaboration and sharing and regular webinars will be aiding competencies of the group throughout the campaign period. A documentary movie will be produced to capture legacy after the campaign.

    We are looking for a young person who will join us from March until November 2018 working with us in the core campaign team.

    Your role in the 6 members’ core team shall involve assistance in :

    • Motivating and supporting young people to plan and implement local activities
    • Ensuring that there are materials and resources
    • Facilitating and supporting cooperation between local groups and European level
    • Organising webinars
    • Campaign dissemination

    How to apply:

    Send your motivation letter outlining how you would like to contribute to the campaign to Pavlina Manavska at by 1 March. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

    Campaign team members

    Pavlina Manavska (Campaign Coordinator)

    Natia Tsintsadze (core team member, WSCF-Europe staff)

    Zuzana Babicova (core team member, WSCF-Europe Chair)

    An expert trainer from the Council of Europe’s Youth Sector Trainers Pool

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  9. Call for Mozaik Editor-in-Chief


    Mozaik  is  the  ecumenical  journal  of  the  World Student Christian Federation (WSCF) Europe  Region.  It  was established in 1992 and is published twice a year (mostly) in English, in connection with the thematic conferences of the  four interest  groups  (theology, culture and higher  education,  solidarity and gender) of  WSCF Europe.  The editorial board of Mozaik consists of four people: the editor-in-chief, the Chairperson of WSCF-E or other board member, Journal Illustrator, Communications Officer, and the Art editor.

    The responsibilities

    • Solicit, receive and process new contributions to the journal issue
    • communicating with  the contributors and editors; finding and communicating with an art editor and an illustrator; editing the texts and the journal; carrying final responsibility for the publication, thematic coherence and political correctness of the journal, in accordance with the editorial policy of Mozaik.
    • supervise/coordinate the illustrator and Art Editor
    • maintain and enhance the journal’s quality and reputation
    • maintaining contact with and reporting to the WSCF European Regional Committee (ERC)
    • to serve as ambassador for the journal- representing  the  Mozaik  at  WSCF-E  events  as  able;
      • Chair and Communications Officer:  drafting  the  call  for  articles;  recruitment of other team member support. Art editor: shaping the design and the visual profile of the journal; art editing the journal; and maintaining contact with the printing house which is currently in Budapest, Hungary.

    Essential requirements

    • Applicants must be between 18 and 35 years of age
    • Excellent English
    • Breadth of knowledge in the various topics
    • A well-organised with an ability to prioritise and meet deadlines
    • Editorial work experience

    Desirable requirements

    • Experience with WSCF or other Church/ecumenical work


    500 EUR per issue. 4 Issues (2018-2021 approx)

    How to apply:

    Interested applicants should send a CV (including, if relevant, past and present WSCF involvement and highlighting personal skills in regard to the job description), a one to two-page mission and vision statement for their work with Mozaik (including editorial philosophy), and two samples of publications which they have previously edited to the WSCF Europe chairperson, Zuzana Babicova, at the following address:  by 15th August 2018 (extended).

    Responsibilities for the new editor will begin upon selection, where she or he will start by working in partnership with the current editor-in-chief, James Jackson.

    If you have further questions about this process, please contact Zuzana Babicova( or James Jackson at . Past issues of Mozaik are available for review at, and more recent issues are available at , as well as upon request from the WSCF Europe Office.

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  10. Call fo the Religions for Peace International Youth Committee (IYC)

    Call for the Europe youth representative for the Religions for Peace International Youth Committee (IYC)

    What is IYC?

    WSCF-Europe is a member of Religions for Peace- European Interfaith Youth Network. IYC is representing the world’s faith traditions from six continents, leads Religions for Peace Global Interfaith Youth Network.  European network – EIYN- is one of 6 regional networks of the Global Interfaith Youth Network.

    Europe has 3 representatives on this global committee. As one of the representatives stepped down from the IYC this year, there is one vacant position for Europe. Two of the other European members of IYC are: Rupal Maru and Thomas Gilet.

    Since Religions for Peace  strive for a religious balance among the members and two members of IYC from Europe are Muslim and Hindu leaders, IYC is looking forward to receive nominations from young Christian leaders.

    Are you

    • A youth leader who would enthusiastically contribute to the Global Interfaith Youth Network?
    • Do you have knowledge and experience in inter-religious cooperation for peace at the national, regional and/or global level?

    How to apply?

    See the nomination form attached and please email it to Zuzana Babicova at   by 9 February.

    Being a member of IYC can give you a great opportunity of getting involved in interfaith work on global level and participating in different events all around of world.

    More about the European Interfaith Youth Network


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