1. Lingua Franca is Back!

    The Lingua Franca Programme goes on!

    We have the new coordinator, Lucian Cirlan. The Lingua Franca Summer Camp is being prepared under his energetic command! The event will take place on 20-30 July 2013 in Miclauseni, Romania. Would you like to be a member of the Preparatory Committee?

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  2. The ERC meets SCM Sheffield & SCM Manchester!

    The European Regional Committee have just finished their meeting in Sheffield, UK. We’ve spent the week working, praying, thinking and playing hard and have all set off home with long ‘To-Do’ lists.

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  3. We are growing as a team in quality & quantity!

    The European Regional Committee of the World Student Christian Federation spent one fruitful week from 28 January to 3 February close to Sheffield in a lovely cottage, well equipped with soft blankets and couches.

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  4. Central & Eastern European SCM Training

    On 14th of September around 15 young people gathered in Białystok, Poland, for an annual CESR capacity building training. The small city near the Belorussian borders is the centre of Polish Orthodox Christians and their youth movement, which is spread over the whole country. A group of young people from Polish Orthodox SCM, headed by Marta Całpińska, hosted a very colorful spectrum of nationalities: from Macedonian and Hungarian through Slovak, Czech and Polish to German, Belarusian and Finnish. The whole seminary was only a weekend event, but the contacts from there are to be maintained for many more weeks, or maybe years.


  5. The Red Book

    WSCF Global released the 2011 annual report of the World Student Christian Federation, the Red Book.

    This edition of the Red Book illustrates the work being carried out on the global and regional levels. In 2011, the WSCF continued to strengthen our ability to form ecumenical leaders, demonstrate solidarity amongst our community and beyond, and advocate for justice and peace.

    This report features key events in our movement’s life and key ecumenical processes WSCF have participated in. You will find also detailed highlights of the work of WSCF regions.

    You can read the whole Red Book here.


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  6. Inspired…?

    Hello! I have never written a blog before in my life but thought I would give it a go. As you are probably aware, London hosted the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games this summer. Living just outside London, I could not help feeling part of the celebration that was London 2012! With banners, posters and bunting dotted around towns and cities across the UK, there was definitely a celebratory atmosphere.


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  7. To dialogue, to discuss, to debate, or to negotiate…?

    In June 2012 Religions for Peace – European Interfaith Youth Network (RfP-EIYN) gathered a relatively small group composed of members of her network in Norway. Myself, representing WSCF-E, came there really curious to get to know people representing such religions and branches of religions as Zoroastrianism, Sufism or the Maronite Church. A few days spent there was not the time to deepen the knowledge about these religions unfortunately. However, what I found eventually even more enriching was learning about the how, the way of getting to know one another by speaking about speaking. Forgive me using these un-exact terms here; that was done with the real necessity.

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  8. European Regional Committee Meeting Concludes

    The European Regional Committee had its second meeting this past week in Rio Marina, Italy. Each member travelled using various methods to Elba Island off the Tuscan coast of Italy to the Casa Valdese.

    Over the course of four working days the committee members presented their reports on the work they have been doing since January, spoke about events that they have participated in on behalf of WSCF Europe, heard reports about the Executive Committee meeting that took place this spring in Berlin and were caught up on the work that has been taking place in the WSCF Europe Regional Office.

    WSCF European Regional Committee

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  9. Different Faiths-Common Action

    News from Religions for Peace: European InterFaith Youth Network

    35 young leaders from Europe, Middle East and North Africa, representing biggest European faith-based organizations as well as social activists and journalists from Egypt, Lebanon and Morocco, took part last week in four days long Dialogue Seminar, in Norway, focusing on 3 subjects: dialogue for solving conflicts, Arab Spring and economical crisis.Religions for Peace and WSCF Europe

    The seminar was followed by 2 days long annual summit of European Interfaith Youth Network, a network of youth organizations from all religions present in Europe, dedicated to implementing its slogan: “Different faiths – Common action”.

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  10. WSCF Executive Committee sets Action Plan

    Committee envisions millions of Christian students speaking out and acting for peace with justice.

    Representatives from the six regions of the World Student Christian Federation (Africa, Asia- Pacific (AP), Europe, Latin America and Caribbean (LAC), Middle East, and North America), officers, staff, and partners gathered last week in Berlin, Germany and set a bold advocacy, prayer, theological reflection, and communications agenda for 2012-2014.

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