1. Eladó lakás Budapest

    Jó hangulatú, világos, felújított, kilátással, valamint saját függőfolyosó-résszel rendelkező 1,5 szobás lakás eladó. A hatalmas nappali és a hálószoba tájolása keleti, házak fölötti kilátással a városra, a saját (lezárt) függőfolyósó részre pedig délután süt oda szépen a nap.

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  2. We have a nice flat for sale!

    As you may know, until 2011 the WSCF Europe office was located in Budapest, Hungary. At the time, to support the living expenses of the Regional Secretary, the Regional Committee decided in 2004 to buy a flat to provide an accommodation for her or him. By now, after the office moved to Berlin in 2012, we would like to sell this flat. Please find more information below! Also in Hungarian.

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  3. Invisible Slavery: Human Trafficking In Europe

    Around twenty participants from all around Europe gathered in St.Gilgen, Austria from 6 to 12 October 2013 to discuss the sensitive topic of human trafficking in Europe. 

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  4. Video: why you should run for an ERC position?

    Why is it good to be a part of the European Regional Commitee? WSCF Europe’s chairperson Sofie Bonde Eriksen will explain you:

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  5. Networking event in Berlin

    Come and see” (Jn 1,39)

    The meeting of Students Christian Movements of Western Europe, was amazing!  All of you who participated in the networking event for SCMers from Western Europe, thanks a lot for making this meeting really exciting and refreshing! Check the pictures!

    (Thanks Artturi Hirvonen for taking them!)

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  6. “What is the ERA?”

    Hello and welcome to the first instalment of a series of blogs leading up to the ERA!

    I hear you ask “What is the ERA?”


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  7. WSCF-E meets SCM Lithuania

    From June 14-17, ERC member Libby Lewin, WSCF-E Regional Secretary Hans Hommens and Publications Intern Miro Pastorek went to Klaipėda, Lithuania, to meet SCMers from the region.

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  8. Lingua Franca is Back!

    The Lingua Franca Programme goes on!

    We have the new coordinator, Lucian Cirlan. The Lingua Franca Summer Camp is being prepared under his energetic command! The event will take place on 20-30 July 2013 in Miclauseni, Romania. Would you like to be a member of the Preparatory Committee?

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  9. The ERC meets SCM Sheffield & SCM Manchester!

    The European Regional Committee have just finished their meeting in Sheffield, UK. We’ve spent the week working, praying, thinking and playing hard and have all set off home with long ‘To-Do’ lists.

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  10. We are growing as a team in quality & quantity!

    The European Regional Committee of the World Student Christian Federation spent one fruitful week from 28 January to 3 February close to Sheffield in a lovely cottage, well equipped with soft blankets and couches.

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