1. Become Part Of A Worldwide Photo Project

    Take a Photo on May 10th! See what happens in a moment all over the world.

    Mark the date 10th of MAY! Set a reminder for the 10th of MAY! Remember the 10th of MAY! Use the map to find the time for your timezone. When the time comes simply take a photo of whatever you are doing and upload to this webpage.


    Just for fun, because we´re curious. We want to figure out what the world does in the very same moment. Anyway, not because of commercial purposes, we don´t record your personal data, which we’ll lose or sell afterwards. We simply want to see your moment – one moment on earth.


    Your picture will remain online for the world to view until at least the 10th of September but is likely to be on for longer. It may also be used for student exhibitions and publications solely for educational purposes.


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  2. Partner event: International Young Naturefriends “Off The Grid” Work Camp

    International Young Naturefriends together with Young Naturefriends Frankfurt are organizing a two week long workcamp in the end of August 2014! There you’ll not only have the opportunity to learn, explore and share ideas about resilience and self-governance, but to truly experience self-governance principles in action while going ‘off the grid’. The work camp will bring together young volunteers, activists, youth workers and members of grassroots and community organisations to explore how they can engage young people in self/participatory governance while developing organisational resilience and self-sufficiency. We are aiming to create a vision of a fully balanced community life, including a perfect mix work, leisure & education activities.

    Work Activities: We will revive a 100-year old Naturefriend’s house . This means cleaning, sanding and painting the outer woodwork, building an outdoor kitchen and washing station and renovating the barbecue hut. The work includes laying foundations and stonework. Previous experiences come in handy, but are in no way necessary!


    We will also build a treehouse, which means plenty of woodwork to be tried out and experimented with!

    Non-formal Education Programme: Interactive workshops and outdoor activities exploring the topics of resilience, shared responsibility, self-governance concepts and living off the grid. Also learning to build a a spiral treehouse.

    Accomodation: We all should fit in rather compact in the house. Shower rooms and toilets are outside the house.

    This work camp aims to:
    – provide young people with an opportunity to engage in an experiential learning process through cocreation and immersion in a resilient, off the grid and self-governing environment

    – to enable young people to explore, share and expand their practical knowledge of how to achieve organisational self-sufficiency and resilience

    – explore the place of and challenges of self-governance and shared responsibility in youth organizations

    – inspire and empower young people to adapt and apply their learning to affect positive organisational change on their return

    Who can join? Everyone who is:

    • motived to do physical work outdoors and happy to live in basic but comfortable conditions

    • proactive : wanting to learn and share their knowledge

    • motivated to apply their learning within their organisation

    • able to understand and speak English

    The participants will be selected based on the criteria mentioned above while taking into consideration geographical, gender and experiential balance among participants. Priority will be given to participants actively involved in IYNF member and partner organisations, but there is also space for other participants from all over Europe.

    When and where?

    16 – 30 August 2014, in a Naturefriend’s house, 45mins by public transport from Frankfurt, Germany.

    How much will it cost you?

    Participants must cover 100% of their transport costs. We’ll also ask to take care of your own insurance.

    Boarding and lodging are fully covered by IYNF and Naturfreunde Jugend Frankfurt

    How to apply?

    Follow this link for the application form:

    Deadline: 12.00 pm 25th of May 2014

    Those selected for the work camp will be informed personally via e-mail by 3rd of June 2014 (make sure you check them regularly, spam boxes too).

    If you have any questions or inquiries, feel free to drop an e-mail to Alexandru 

    See you in August!

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  3. You Should Go, Summer School On Human Rights.


    Theology and Human Rights

    Freedom of Religion or Belief for All

    15 – 18 September 2014

    Serbian Academy of Science, Novi Sad, Serbia


    “Live as people who are free, not using your freedom as a cover-up for evil, but living as servants of God.” 1 Peter 2:16

    The first “Summer School on Human Rights – Theology and Human Rights” focusing on  Freedom of Religion or Belief will take place from 15-18 September 2014 in the premises of the Serbian Academy of Science in Novi Sad, hosted by the Diocese of Backa of the Serbian Orthodox Church. The summer school offers churches and church-related organisations the opportunity to train their members who are working on human rights issues and namely on freedom of religion or belief. The school will focus on the legal, political, societal and institutional dimensions of freedom of religion or belief, the protection of which is often taken as a litmus test of the democratic societies.

    The Summer School on Human Rights is organised on the initiative of the Diocese of Backa of the Serbian Orthodox Church, the Church and Society Commission of CEC, with scientific support of the KU Leuven. 

    The training will provide an opportunity for people working within the CEC Member churches to meet and exchange on the state of human rights and freedom of religion or belief in the present context. The participants will also benefit from interaction with prominent experts from the academia as well as from international institutions.

    The main themes of the course are:

    • Human rights and Freedom of Religion or Belief
    • Politicisation and instrumentalisation of Freedom of Religion or Belief
    • Social hostility against religion or belief
    • Domestic and international protection of Freedom of Religion or Belief through institutions like United Nations, Council of Europe, OSCE and European Union.

     The programme will include lectures on the legal, political and social dimensions of freedom of religion or belief (theoretical part), discussions on theology and human rights amongst others.

     The participation fee amounts to 250 euros including board and lodging.

    To read the full invitation letter click Here. To read more practical information about the conference click Here. To the read the program of events click Here and to register for the summer school click Here. Deadline 1st June 2014

    (If you are interested in support for your participation costs, please get in contact as soon as possible!)

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  4. Represent WSCF-E At The European Christian Political Foundation State Of Europe Forum themed “Hope In Times Of Crisis”


    Hope in times of crisis

    What is the purpose? An annual forum to evaluate Europe today in the light of the founding father’s vision for a ‘community’ of peoples deeply rooted in ‘Christian values’.

    What is it about? these themes which will be addressed:

    • Turning crisis into opportunity;
    • from Athens to Brussels – how democratic is Europe?;
    • towards a just, sustainable and relational economics;
    • migration – whose responsibility?;
    • solidarity, patriotism and nationalism;
    • and many other subjects, please visit the website the program.

    For whom? Forum participants include: politicians, theologians, academics, economists, educationalists, social activists, media specialists, church leaders and any interested in Europe’s future. We think your organization may fit in one of the mentioned categories and is interested in the future wellbeing of our societies.

    Why do we invite you?  Your knowledge/input could be of vital importance for the outcome of this conference:‘generating hope in times of crisis’. 

    Location and date? Opening ceremony The old parliament building, Athens; Thursday May 8th  19.30hr, followed by a full-day programme on Friday May 9th at the Electra Palace Hotel for registered participants.

    How to register / more info? You can directly register here. For more information we refer to the enclosed information below in this email. WSCF-E will provide the participation fee and accommodation for a WSCF-E  representative if you are interested Email the office 

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  5. Join Our Polish National SCM, Go To The 35th Orthodox Youth Pilgrimage On The Holy Mount Grabarka


    A letter to all our SCM Members

    “On Behalf of the Fellowship of Orthodox Youth in Poland I would like to invite you for the 35th jubilee meeting meeting of orthodox youth in Holy Mountain Grabarka, which will take place on the 16th -18th May 2014.

    The first meeting was organized in 1980 and till now it has the longest history in our fellowship. In the past it was bringing together more than 3000 people. Then it was the biggest meeting of orthodox in Europe and in the world. Nowadays there arrive a  few hundred people. During the 35 years of Easter meeting there participated almost 50 thousands of people. We had youth and priests over all the continents. Frequently representatives of sydesmos, World council of churches, World Student Christian Federation, representatives of polish science, culture and art have had decided to honor us with their presence. On the other hand, Orthodox youth actively participate in European and World Christian meetings, they are official delegates for conferences, stewards and volunteers.

    if you come to Grabaka, you will have a possibility to spend three amazing days in one of the most known monasteries in Poland.”

    For more information read the Programme of eventsTo apply complete this Application Form  The deadline is the 10th of May. 





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  6. Are You What The WSCF General Assembly Needs?




    The 2008 GA was my first and last global WSCF-gathering full of eye opening experiences about how global organization in this scale can and cannot function and is led. Make sure you select right leaders, who respect all the other SCMers as unique and important part of developing our WSCF, who have courage, who does not seek only their own goals and position, who are not afraid of new ideas nor conflicts – and who are true and honest to themselves. I hope and pray that the GA now will lead WSCF toward the common and shared goal. God bless you. Love you.

    Written by, Hanna Kuisma,  a 2008 Montreal General Assembly participant.

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  7. Would You Like A Life-Changing, Challenging, Nourishing And Community Orientated Experience??? Then Come To The GA!

    General Assembly

    Participating in the GA 2008 in Montréal, Canada, was an unforgettable experience for me. As staff, it was a time of running around like a headless chicken and skipping food and sleep (already some weeks before the Assembly) that a major European airline strike just prior the Assembly contributed to in a very interesting way; yet it was worth every drop of sweat and tear.

    The GA 2008 was a celebration of unity and fellowship with students and Senior Friends all over the world in prayer, study, discussion, dance and party. It was time of spiritual (trans)formation and forging of long-lasting friendships over geographic and cultural boundaries. In the Assembly I realised that as a Federation, the WSCF was not as uniform or united I had thought it was: there was huge cultural diversity and even disagreement over issues. In the Assembly we experienced painful clashes when struggling to understand one another. Yet we felt that pain together as one body and from there, started a path of dialogue seeking greater unity and understanding with each other.


    For me, the GA 2008 showed that even the WSCF has a lot to do in empowering authentic student leadership and improving organisational accountability. That is one challenge for the GA this year.

    The GA was an experience like a prism of a crystal in the sunlight. It was so multidimensional and deep that it is impossible to describe briefly. But if I were to put it in just four words, those would be life-changing, challenging, nourishing, community. I truly regret I cannot participate in the GA this year as a Senior Friend due to work commitments, but I wish that the Assembly will be a transforming experience to as many students around the world as possible and a true moment of transfiguration for the Federation.


    Mikkeli, Finland, 19 March 2014


    Written by, Jooa Sotejeff-Wilson,  a former WSCF-E Regional Seceretary

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  8. Apply Now, Scholarships for international camps in Agape

    Check out this amazing opportunity, applications are open now for  international camps in Agape!


    From “goods” to the “commmon good”


    What language does your faith speak


    Crea-Ti-Vita (“Creativity” or “Create your life”)

    Click here for more information

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  9. Save The Date 4th Assembly Of The CSC CALL-Network ( Church Action On Labour And Life)

    Read about this cool conference from the Conference of European Churches.


    Bridges between hope and reality –
    overcoming imbalances in Europe


    Rome – Italy, 22 to 24 September 2014


    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,Dear Sisters and Brothers,

    From Monday 22 September to Wednesday 24 September, the CALL-Network will hold its 4th Assembly in Rome.

    CALL stands for “Church Action on Labour and Life”. The CALL Assembly brings together delegates from Churches and Church organisations across Europe who work on or are concerned with social problems relating to labour and economy. They will exchange experiences and share ideas from various countries, thus helping the churches to learn from each other and make their voice heard together in the European context.

    in the last two years the CALL-Network worked with its working groups on

    ·        Precarious work;

    ·        Sustainable economy; and

    ·        Youth unemployment.

    Under the headline “Bridges between hope and reality – overcoming imbalances in Europe” the Assembly will:

    evaluate the work done ;

    discuss the present social and employment situation in Europe in the working areas of CALL;

    visit concrete projects on this topic in Rome; and

    seek for an international perspective in a meeting with the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN (FAO).

    Finally the Assembly will facilitate to envisage new common projects and cooperation in and for the CALL-Network, also including the use of EU-funds and EU-programmes.


    for more information have a look at the attached a Draft programme  of the Assembly and an Information Leaflet on the CALL-Network. WSCF-E if you are intrested in attending this confrence. 






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  10. NBCC Meeting In Aarhus Opened Doors To Compassionate Prayer

    On the first weekend of March  (Feb 28- Mar 2) I have participated in Nordic-Baltic Cooperation Council’s (NBCC) meeting in Aarhus, Denmark. The NBCC meets twice a year, and hosting of the meeting is rotated between the NBCC members. At last weekend’s meeting in Aarhus, representatives form Swedish KRISS, Danish Okumenisk Ungdom, Finnish OOL and Lithuanian Lutheran Youth were present. The theme of the event was ‘Peaceful religious coexistence in Middle East and Africa: Freedom of religion or persecutions?


                         The crew. Photo by Evaldas Tytmonas


    Spending good time together. Photo by Evaldas Svageris


    Unfortunately I arrived to Aarhus late, so I couldn’t take part in the first session by Clement Dachet on being a pastor in the conflict zone. When I arrived to the venue – a huge and modern Diakonhøjskolen, I was shown to a cool renovated room in the dormitory, and then take to the common area where the other participants were spending time together with cake and evening tea. The evening passed in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and made me really feel at home.

    On Saturday there were three main sessions. One of the sessions was held by Maria S. Hanses from Open Doors Youth, which is an international NGO. Open Doors works with Christians around the world who are persecuted for their faith. Maria has been working with the Danish branch of the organization for the last 4,5 years, and hears dreadful stories of persecution of Christians every day. Maria said that she thought she would become in some way immune to these testimonials, but this never happened, and she still perceives them in a very emotional way. To her, these stories are at the same time gruesome and encouraging, and had a great impact on strengthening faith.

    Maria shares some facts with the group: Christians are the largest persecuted group of people. Every day more than 100 mln Christians face persecution. However, many of the persecuted Christians do not cease to pray to God, and also pray for their persecutors. Maria shares two quotes from the Scriptures:

    2. Tim 3:12 – In fact, everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted

    Matt. 5:44:  – But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you

    Maria also says that in the West where we live, it’s not persecution but persuasion that we’re facing: persuasion to go away from the Church and the faith, and enjoy life without constant prayer.

    Everybody is invited to write a postcard to one of the persecuted women in Nigeria, Deborah, whose testimonials were shared with us by Maria earlier. Every Open Doors movement in different countries has a few letter respondents (Danish list: This postcard-writing workshop was a very emotional experience for me, as I was thinking how can I address and encourage a women, whose husband and all children were either killed or taken away by armed men, as a cause of the family being Christians.

    Lithuanian delegates shared about an initiative in Lithuanian Lutheran Church by a bishop, which was executed in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The actives from the Church took in forty refugees from Syria, and operationality of the project is insured by Lithuanian volunteers.

    The second session on Saturday was by Rebecca Hojmark from International Council of Relations of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Denmark, on freedom of religion in Middle East and Norther Africa. In her session, Rebecca has referred to an interesting document, the ‘European churches engaging in human rights: Present challenges and training material’ by Church and Society Commission of the Conference of European Churches (CEC). This material, in my opinion, may be used in WSCF-Europe’s campaign on xenophobia and social exclusion that has kicked off last weekend on Staff and Officers’ Meeting in Skopje, Macedonia.

    Rebecca told us what are the three main things that persecuted Christians and Churches ask Western Christians to do. These things are:

    1. share their story

    2. pray for them and let them know that we pray for them (This and this resource, created by Open Doors, are a very good way to make praying for persecuted Christians around the world a regular habit)

    3. tell the politicians about what happens to those people and communities, because this is the best working way to change the situation.


    Preparing for praying together. Photo by Evaldas Tytmonas

    I hope that WSCF-Europe will make good use of these wonderful ideas and resources in its current campaign on xenophobia.

    Maria Kozhinova () is WSCF-Europe Links Coordinator.



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