1. We need new Executive Committee Members





    What is happening?

    As we approach the General Assembly, WSCF-E need to find two new Executive Committee members from our region.  Being an Executive committee member is an exciting task with real potential to affect what happens in our federation.


    What does Executive Committee member do?

    • Represent WSCF Europe at the global level of the federation
    • Monitor and evaluate the work of global staff
    • Implement global decisions through Europe region going to SCMs
    • Communicate between the European committee and Global committee
    • Attend online and in-person ExCo meetings
    • Serve on the Executive committee for 4 years


    Who can apply?

    Any member of Affiliated or Associcated Movements can apply for this position


    How can I apply?

    Please send your application by the  23rd February  2015  to at Please send us your CV and motivation letter demonstrating what skills and experience you would like to bring to the role. We look forward to receiving your application.


    What was it like for our previous Exco members?

    Kate Sotejeff Wilson, translator.

    Kate-Sotejeff Exco“As an Ex-co member for Europe from 1999-2004, I joined meetings in Beirut, Johannesburg, Quito and New York, preparing for the Chiangmai GA.  I am Welsh myself and I worked alongside people from many countries that had been British colonies which made me think hard about the power relationships in the world today. If you have been active in WSCF-E,  want to take your theological political and intercultural skills to a new level, and give something back to a movement that has shaped you, this is a great opportunity. Prepare to be challenged, not only about what you think but how you work with others.”


    Dr. NAGYPÁL, Szabolcs,


    ItSzabi1 (1) is an extremely rare, probably even a unique opportunity to serve in a world-wide organisation on its highest level. The experience is even more precious if it is an intellectual challenge, as is the case with a student body. And for a believer, joyfulness is complete, when one is able to give her or his best energies to a Christian association centred on theology and spirituality.

    These were my thoughts when I was honoured to be elected to the WSCF ExCo, and this feeling of being blessed and grateful for the position had never ceased to exist during those five years between 1999 and 2004. Furthermore, I encountered much morein the SCM: friendship, community, commitment, self-sacrifice, responsibility, the love of God and of the Church.

    I met political agendas aiming to change the Church and the world, and while I was fascinated by some of them and kept a distance from others, I always recognised the goodwill of their representatives. The deep dialogue between denominations, cultures, regions, genders and styles of Christian devoutness shaped my theology and even inspired my doctorate on interreligious mutual enrichment. Without this leadership experience I would be a totally different person from who I am now.

    Dr. Nagypál, Szabolcs (1974) is a graduate in ecumenical theology, law and literature; holds a PhD in (Roman Catholic) theology, as well as in law. He is an associate professor of philosophy and legal theory in Budapest, and a researcher and theologian in the Benedictine Békés Gellért Ecumenical Institute (BGÖI) in Pannonhalma. He was the editor-in-chief of the WSCF Central European Ecumenical Anthologies, as well as of Student World (SW) and Mozaik.


    Marco Fornerone

    Being in the ExCo Iomade me actively involved in two important dimensions of the life of the Federation: the regional and the global, getting to know the richness of each and their diversities, even if sometimes mediate between them have not been easy. I had a great time and learnt a lot being part of the ERC and I had the opportunity to broaden my WSCF experience, getting to know other contexts and the different ways of being SCMs there. In these years I experienced the full meaning and complexity of the world “Ecumenical” that has to do with the whole Church beyond confessions and denominations as well as with the whole world the Church is sent to. This means that we have to understand, respect who and what is ‘other’, sometimes to challenge and question it and more often ourselves, in particular when being, like I am, a white male coming from the richer and (more imperialistic) part of the world. Only in this way we can call each other brothers and sisters and truly witness the Lord of the world. ExCo has also been the place to learn and exercise responsibility, to bear it, when involved in decision making about the life of the Federation, that is the life of the people involved in it: staff in particular, but also SCMers, often facing very tough situations and relying on the solidarity and help of the broader WSCF community, that is something we are not so used to experience  directly in Europe.For all these reasons, serving as regional representative in the ExCo have been a great experience and an opportunity I’m thankful for.

    Marco Fornerome is 29 years old and come from Italy.He studied Theology in Rome and Yaoundé (Cameroon). He is a pastor in the Waldensian Church (reformed) and doing a PhD in Hebrew Bible at the University of Lausanne.He has been in the board of SCM Italy. In 2010 he joined the ExCo, there he i part of the Personnel Committee.



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  2. Read the Condensed Minutes from our Summer ERC Meeting

    The condensed  minutes from our Summer ERC Minutes are out! Read them here!



    David and VeraMaria

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  3. WSCF 35th General Assembly postponed

    The World Student Christian Federation is writing to inform you that the World Student Christian Federation’s 35th General Assembly will be postponed.

    The European Regional Committee is waiting for further instructions and information from the Inter-Regional Office (IRO). The ERC will contact the delegates directly.

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  4. Call for a Web Developer

    We are looking for a web developer that will be responsible for launching our enterprise to move our existing printed journal, Mozaik, online. The platform for the online journal is yet to be negotiated, so you have the chance to participate in the process from its very beginning, and make real impact on how our online presence will look like. This unpaid volunteering opportunity with real hands on experience and responsibility for the whole project will let you develop an interesting and challenging project from the scratch, as well as will add a sparkle to your CV.

    • Position: Part-time Web developer & web graphic designer
    • Start Date: flexible, between September- November 2014
    • Duration: 4-8 months
    • Location: work from home
    • Hours: part-time, 5-20 hours per month
    • Remuneration: unpaid; non financial benefit of having fully covered attendance at World Student Christian Federation – Europe events
    • Application deadline: August 15th, 2014

    Web Developer word cloud

    What will you do?

    Your task will be to create an online platform for our journal Mozaik. You will be responsible for design as well as workability and user-friendliness of the platform. You will test the platform together with the WSCF-E staff and volunteers, and will act as moderator during the first 2 months of the launch of the platform as part of the usability testing.


    Experience requirements: entry to mid-level. Our successful candidate needs to be enthusiastic, committed and skillful; know the basics of website development and have relevant experience in it. The candidate should be able to demonstrate his/her works; well-developed study projects will be accepted as relevant experience.

    A successful candidate should commit to dedicate at least 20 hours a month (at least 5 hours/week) to the task of the platform development, so that the platform is ready for its launch on November 1st.

    A candidate can live anywhere in Europe and work from home. Most communication with the superiors (WSCF-E staff and the European Regional Committee, as well as the Editor-in-Chef of the Mozaik) will take place via emails and Skype, and if needed, meetings in Berlin can be arranged.

    To apply

    Send your CV and your motivation letter stating why you would be a good match for this position and how your experience and skills equip you for the role. Send it to Zuzana Babicova at

    Check out the printer-friendly job description. If you know someone who might be interested in this position, you can share our flyer or give a direct link to this post.


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  5. Donate to Send a Young Leader to the GA

    Organised every 4-6 years by the World Student Christian Federation (WSCF), the GA gathers representatives to advance the vision of the global student Christian movement. Six years ago in Montreal around 200 students, young leaders and senior staff from SCMs all over the world came together for the General Assembly (GA).  This year, the 35th GA will this year take place from 15 – 21 August in Bogota, Colombia.  The theme for the Assembly is, ‘We are Many, We are One. Sent out to build God’s peace’. Nearly 2 million students are part of the Federation, through movements that span across Africa, North and South America, Asia Pacific and Europe.

    As part of our commitment to support our brothers and sisters in the global movement, we are asking friends, members and anyone connected with SCM and ecumenical youth and student work to sponsor delegates to attend the GA.

    Many of the student delegates depend on the support of a global community of donors to be able to afford the costs of attending the Assembly. At the same time, opportunities for local fundraising are often limited and air travel to Colombia and visa costs are very high for many countries. Therefore, we reach out to you with a request for support of this unique event in the global work for Christian unity.

    Here are some of the people WSCF-E Europe office is aiming to support. Read their bio’s and what they want to achieve at the GA.


    WSCF Europe Tragerverein e.V. 
    Name of the Bank: Evangelische Kreditgenossenschaft Kassel e.G.
    Place of the Bank: Kassel
    IBAN: DE03 5206 0410 0006 6013 83

    Your donation will support the GA that connects the Federation together and works to build an Ecumenical movement in all over the world.

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  6. Be our delegate: Partner event on human rights & traditional values

    WSCF-Europe has been given the opportunity to represent at the next United For Intercultural Action conference, have you considered being our delegate? Read more about the conference below. 

    UNITED is organising an international conference in Georgia. The concepts of fundamental rights and traditional values will be at the center of the discussion. In order to constructively create bridges between human rights and traditional values, we will explore traditional values on various levels and perspectives.

    A variety of questions arise on how majority communities perceive minority communities, and how these minority communities address the same issues within their own community or towards other communities. The discussions will focus on opportunities for creating cross-community coalitions between NGOs based on a common framework of human rights and an understanding of society’s traditional values, as well as their impact on the daily life of minority communities. The path of human rights would enable participants to be UNITED and work hands in hands – developing together responses and advocacy actions towards shared challenges both at national and European levels

    Today more than ever before, discussing human rights and traditional values as well as the bridges between them became very relevant. From one side, universal human rights do not impose any cultural standard, but rather a legal standard of minimum protection necessary for human dignity. As a legal standard adopted through the United Nations, universal human rights represent the consensus of the international community, by stressing on the need concerning the promotion of human rights and human freedoms through a better understanding of traditional values of humankind. A better understanding of traditional values shared by all humanity and embodied in universal human rights instruments contributes to promoting and protecting human rights and human freedoms.

    Nevertheless a misunderstanding and abuse of said traditional values has been the reason of averse treatment and multi-dimensional discrimination of many people, thus resulting in being in direct conflict with human rights and in many cases resulted in violations of said rights. Reluctantly in many national and regional realities the so-called protection of ‘traditional values’ became the pretext for hate, violent hate crimes, fear, and multi-dimensional discrimination on the base of ethnic, gender, religious, disability, towards migrants, and other grounds; moreover the institutionalisation of such discrimination and hate fosters more hate, violence, and fear, not only towards members of a minority community or migrants, but also towards their families, friends, and neighbours. Therefore there is a consistent amount of misunderstanding, and it is time to dig deeper into understanding human rights and traditional values, and how they relate to each other.

    Why Georgia is important in 2014?

    Georgia is one of the former USSR states that gained independence in 1991. Since the 27th of April 1999 Georgia has been a member of the Council of Europe, which encouraged the country to smoothly transpose human rights into national law, however not all human rights values were embraced by the majority of the Georgian society. In a country, in which people mainly identify as homogenous, and as Christian Orthodox, the perception of human rights is in transition. Ways to build bridges between human rights and traditional values are being explored amongst the civil society in Georgia. This conference builds on that exploration.

    UNITED Conferences

    This particular UNITED conference provides an excellent opportunity for collaboration, discussions, sharing ideas, and experiences that can be furthered at regional and European level discussions in order to building bridges between the realities of today and the opportunities of tomorrow. The conference will be taking place in Georgia, giving a great opportunity to participants coming from a variety of backgrounds -from grassroots activists to experts in minority rights- to discuss and influence regional and pan-European policies on non-discrimination and minorities protection.UNITED is the largest pan-European anti-racist network of more than 550 organisations. Twice a year, at the UNITED network conferences, antiracist and human rights activists from all parts of Europe meet and discuss effective ways of combating racism and discrimination. At a recent UNITED conference held in April 2014 near Athens (GR) participants from 32 countries developed strategies for specific issues related to hate and populism in Europe.

    Your knowledge, expertise, and input as a participant will be invaluable. Together with around 80 participants we will work on the promotion and protection of all human rights, civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights. That is why we would like to invite you to apply for this conference and join us in Georgia in order to meet, learn, network, and have fun, together with all the participants. We are looking forward to your highly valuable proactive participation and contribution throughout the whole conference.

    For more practical information about the conference read the Technical Info file and the (draft) Programme of events. To apply email Hans Hommens at with a short explanation as to why you believe that you would be a suitable representative of WSCF-E. Deadline 10th August 2014. 



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  7. Apply Now: Partner event “Energy & Climate Change – the Churches’ Role & Voice”

    World Student Christian Federation Europe has been offered one fully funded ( excluding transport costs) place at this assembly. Apply now to be the WSCF-E Delegate!

    European Christian Environmental Network (ECEN) will organise it 10th Assembly from 27 September – 1 October 2014 in Balatonszárszó (Hungary). The theme of the Assembly will be ‘Energy and Climate Change – the Churches’ Role and Voice.’ The aim of the Assembly is to offer a space for a discussion of recent developments in climate change, in energy & ethics, and to strengthen Churches’ engagement and cooperation in responding to these concerns.

    European Christian Environmental Network is closely linked with the Conference of European Churches and provides a Europe-wide platform for a cooperation of Churches in responding to challenges in taking care for creation. Through its activities the Conference of European Churches demonstrates its engagement in this particular thematic work.

    The Assembly will start on Saturday, 27 September (arrival day) in the late afternoon and end on Tuesday, 30 September. Departure day is Wednesday 1 October 2014. The costs of the Assembly will be 300 € for accommodation in a single room and 250 € per person for a double room. This includes board, accommodation and the conference fee.

    Participants are requested to consider ecologically friendly means of transport to travel to the Assembly venue. All participants will be invited to contribute an amount of 15 € to the compensation scheme, details of which will be announced in the follow-up communication.

    The conference language will be English.


    To apply  email Hans Hommens at with a short explanation as to why you believe that you would be a suitable representative of WSCF-E. For more information about the assembly read the Programme of events.  Please Apply ASAP. 

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  8. WSCF-Europe is looking for a new CEO/Regional Secretary   

    wscf_logo_new An exciting and challenging opportunity has arisen at WSCF-Europe for an experienced professional to manage a small international NGO. We invite you to apply for our Regional Secretary position, starting this autumn!

    You will have a key role in enabling the execution of various projects by working with volunteers, who will implement programs with your support in administration and strategic financial management.

    With good IT skills, you will bring in your experience in excellent organization and planning. You will have the ability to manage budgets and oversee finances along with experience in producing reports or experience in writing in a clear and engaging way. You should have experience in leadership and institutional fund-raising, and show effective interpersonal skills. This role will help you to build on your administration and finance management experience and develop your understanding of the voluntary and NGO sector.

    This is a varied role with lots of scope for development and the opportunity to travel in Europe. We offer a competitive salary and adequate travel compensation scheme.

    Terms and Conditions

    • 37.5 hours a week
    • The hours and days worked whilst working on events and at times of peak work load need to be flexible
    • The salary is 4,022 USD per month
    • Annual leave will be 24 days per annum plus the period between Christmas and New Year is free and comes on the top of annual leave entitlement (plus German public holidays)
    • Two month’s notice in writing is required for the termination of the appointment by either party
    • Training during the initial 2 weeks hand-over period will be provided

    For more detailed job description click here. Applications

    • Further information about the job can be enquired at
    • Application deadline is 11 July 2014
    • Start date is 15 September 2014
    • To apply, please send a CV and your motivation letter stating why you would be a good match for this position and how your experience and skills equip you for the role. Please also include two reference letters in support of your application. Send it to Zuzana Babicova at

    Do you know someone who might be interested? Pass on our flyer!

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  9. Invitation to the European Economic Summit 2014


    WSCF-Europe has been invited to send a delegate to the European Economic Summit, which will take place between 18 and 20 September in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

    The European Economic Summit is an invitation-only summit for business and marketplace leaders, politicians, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, Christian Investment Groups, financial professionals, policy makers, mission and denominational leaders, and those with a heart for alleviating poverty and corruption and advancing Christian values through business and economic activity.

    The idea for the European Economic Summit (EES) was born out of the knowledge that we cannot solve today’s problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. We know that many of the economic and governance challenges are at their heart issues of mentality and values. Our response has therefore to start there and find tangible applications for economic policies.

    The goal of the European Economic Summit 2014 is to formulate and present new models for the crisis-plagued economies of Europe in the 21st century. Models that are inspired and nurtured from Christian tradition, faith and thought. We desire to see a healthy and vital Europe that is able to offer opportunities (education, work,
    spiritual renewal) for the many, both inside and outside of Europe’s borders.

    For registration and further information, click hereHere you will find that well-known economists and high-level CEO’s have confirmed that they will share their expertise with the audience.

    The event is also open for expert staff of MEP’s and MP’s, whom we warmly invite to attend as we look for many ways to share and have impact at the future of Europe.

    We look forward to meet you in Amsterdam.


    David Fieldsend, President

    Arleen Westerhof, Coordinator


    Christian Political Foundation for Europe European Economic Summit

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  10. Call For Articles, Bridging our differences. Learning Skills Of Intercultural Dialogue Together!


    Confrence Photo

    This spring, participants from all over Europe from different faiths and denominations met in Wroclaw, Poland, to learn from each other and discuss intercultural dialogue. This conference was organized with European Interfaith Youth Network. We are interested in receiving articles specifically about intercultural dialogue.

    How do we relate to each other across different cultures? Is it possible to approach heated disputes in a peaceful way? Are religious differences always a hindrance to friendship and cooperation?

    It is time to bring these conversations back to your local communityMozaik as an ecumenical student journal aims to provide a space to continue the exploration of this important topic and answering the questions above. It will be a forum of dialogue, a resource, and a place of contemplation.

    We will be launching Mozaik as a digital magazine so that it can be accessed online and so we can better communicate with our members and friends. We will also continue to print it and distribute at WSCF meetings.

    As well as these vital discussions about intercultural we are planning on moving Mozaik forward as a creative project. Part of this involves introducing new regular features which we hope to relate to the theme of the conference(s)- in this case “Bridging our differences. Among these we will have

    • Ecumenical corner, a place to learn about developments in the ecumenical world;
    • Book reviews, for any books (fiction or non-fiction) relevant to our identity as European ecumenical students;
    • Poetry & prayer, for reflections on life, faith, and identity;
    • Through the Keyhole, a vision into the life of a WSCF member or friend, fostering community and friendship across borderss

    Have you experienced cultural conflict in your life or even in your WSCF group? Please let us know if you wish to contribute to one of these sections. We hope to balance these conversations based on gender, denomination, age and European regional location.


    We accept essays and articles 1500 – 2000 words long (with endnotes) including some suggested readings when appropriate.

    If you decide to contribute, please inform the editors of your interest as soon as possible at .

    The deadline for contributions is 6 June 2014

    We look forward to hearing from you!

    James Jackson and Kathryn Cammish




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