1. Call for a volunteer to join global Advocacy & Solidarity working group


    Is this opportunity for you?

    Are you interested in human rights, solidarity actions and peace work? Our ecumenical Advocacy and Solidarity Committee could be the place for you! You can nurture your passion and interest and we can give you a chance to work with others across the globe on shared goals. The Europe region is looking for representative to add to the federations global group. Could it be you?

    What does the group do?

    • We are a global group of World Student Christian Federation that works to make the world a better place.
    • We write statements and try to bring dialogue and understanding around the world.
    • We are encouraged by the example of our Lord Jesus Christ

    We have skype calls regularly and are now starting to create our agenda for the next two years and there shall be an in person meeting maybe once a year. You could represent WSCF in other meetings and our partner events.


    How to apply?

    Please send your motivation letter to both Zuzana Babicova () and also Krista Autio () by the 30 August 2015.  For any informal conversation, please email Zuzana or Krista with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

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  2. Newsletter Editor position has opened at WSCF-Europe!

    Newsletter poster-page-001

    You can become one of WSCF Europe’s Editors! You will help us to publish our monthly newsletter to share information, maintain visibility and engage our SCM members. Together with the other Editors, you will help to connect our member movements online and to widen their ecumenical horizons!

    Qualifications / skills required:

    • Excellent command of English writing, spelling and punctuation
    • Well-developed interpersonal and communication skills
    • Ability to work independently and to follow through on assignments
    • Ability to motivate and work with others or the desire to improve yourself in these areas
    • Orientation and basic training provided


    • Assist with the development of yearly plan and timelines.
    • Work with the Communications Officer and the European Regional Committee to determine the content for monthly newsletter
    • Redesign newsletter layout
    • Collect and edit articles for newsletter; and write articles as needed.
    • Submit articles in a timely manner and meet email blast deadlines
    • Proofread the final versions of the newsletter


    • To ensure the topicality and the quality of WSCF Europe social media
    • To ensure that there is a constant stream of freshly selected information in the disposal of WSCF members
    • To engage SCMers in both online content as well as in our “fieldwork”


    In addition to the pride in yourself and heart-warming sense of knowing you have created a stellar newsletter, you will receive:

    • Appreciation and acknowledgement of the talent, hours and energy that you volunteer
    • One free copy of WSCF Europe’s publication Mozaik after each publication
    • A tangible product to add to your portfolio
    • You will have a chance to travel to 1 WSCF Europe’s international conference, travel costs reimbursed by WSCF-Europe
    • You will improve your skills of
      • organisational communication
      • working in virtual teams
      • working with MailChimp and newsletter production software

    Reports to: Your work will be guided by a Communications Officer of the WSCF Europe. The overall work on Communications is supervised by the European Regional Committee (ERC).


    • 5-10 hours monthly
    • October 2015 – June 2016 (with possibility of renewal)

    To apply, please send your CV and a brief cover letter to WSCF-Europe Chairperson Zuzana Babicova at . For any additional information, also contact  .

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  3. WSCF Europe is recruiting a volunteer social media editor!

    Are you a Facebook junkie?
    Interested in ecumenical affairs?
    Do you want to gain valuable social media skills?

    You can become one of WSCF Europe’s Facebook editors! Keep our 1000+ audience on the loop of the most crispy fresh ecumenical and Christian news! Together with the other  Editors, you will help to connect our member movements online and to widen their ecumenical horizons!


    • Candidates should have a Facebook account and be accustomed to using different social media channels throughout a longer timespan
    • Candidates should possess the skills to communicate effectively and sensitively with people from different traditions and cultural backgrounds
    • The candidate should be well-organised and willing to work independently
    • Must be able to communicate and write in fluent English


    Create and / or find content for WSCF-Europe Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and / or other relevant social media channels


    • To ensure the topicality and the quality of WSCF-Europe social media content
    • To ensure that there is a constant stream of freshly selected information in the disposal of WSCF members
    • To engage SCMers in both online content as well as in our “fieldwork”


    • You will receive one free copy of WSCF-Europe’s publication Mozaik after each new publication
    • You will have a chance to participate in one WSCF-Europe’s international conference, fully subsidized  by WSCF-Europe
    • You will improve your skills of
      • organisational communication
      • working in virtual teams
      • organisational PR building and branding

    Reports to:

    Your work will be guided by a Communications Officer of the WSCF-Europe. The overall work on Communications is supervised by the European Regional Committee (ERC).


    • 2-3 hours per week
    • October 2015 – June 2016 (with possibility of renewal)

    Location: anywhere where you can access social media; no office presence required

    To apply, please send your CV and a brief cover letter to by August 10, 2015.
    For any additional information, please contact WSCF-Europe Chairperson Zuzana Babicova at .

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  4. Read the Asia-Pacific regions newsletter to get a global perspective on WSCF!


    Praxis. Jpg


    Praxis, is  WSCF AP’s official publication and is a vital tool  for communicating the voices and concerns of young people. This issue is titled ” Young Women Seeking, Engaging Restoring Justice and Peace” it includes pieces on the following categories

    • Perspectives
    • Biblical reflections
    • Solidarity space
    • Regional & global news
    • Scmers’ diary
    • National movement news
    • Tribute
    • Appeal and pledge

    and a calendar of events

    here is excerpt from Writing Our Herstory by Jen-Wen Wang

    “With the identity of Christian feminists in Asia we are going to interpret the history of Christianity.We start to raise questions about the past of global Christianity with the acknowledgement of the effort of many women theologians who worked before us and are working among us. We read the historical documentation of Western Christianity but do a critical analysis, using the experience of being a woman and a Christian in certain contexts in Asian

    The center of our
    herstory is no
    more Rome, nor
    Constantinople, nor
    nor Geneva.
    The center of
    our herstory is
    the life of women in
    Asia, in the multireligious

    The historyAsia Pacfic of Christianity. We will write a herstory, instead a history of Christianity. We hope, the stories might thus empower us and help us in the search of our religious identity.”


    Check out the full publication here or if you have a bit more time you can even visit the Asia-Pacific’s regions website to learn more about them or go to there old website to read archives of Praxis 

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  5. Read the WSCF global report on the 2015 General Assembly & thank you letter from Necta Montes

    WSCF GA report


    The 35th General Assembly of the World Student Christian Federation was held at the YMCA in Bogotá, Colombia, from the 27th February to the 5th March 2015. The Assembly gathered under the theme “We are Many, We are One-Sent to Build God’s Peace”. Read the official report and thank you letter here and here!



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  6. SCM Ireland is looking for a new national co-ordinator, could it be you?



    Dear All,

    The Student Christian Movement–Ireland is hiring!
    The job is part-time, flexible, can be delivered from anywhere on the island of Ireland and pays a stipend of €5,000, plus expenses. For more information click here.
    If you have any questions please contact John Delap at .
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  7. Nepal Earthquake Relief: An Appeal from SCM Nepal & WSCF AP 


    Nepal needs our help:

    The World Student Christian Federation(WSCF) joins the people of Nepal in grieving the death and destruction brought by the massive earthquake. At this time of national crisis the people of Nepal need our prayers, solidarity, support and comfort. We managed to established contacts with our members in SCM Nepal and happy to know that the members who live in Kathmandu are safe though their houses are destroyed in the killer quake. Rajesh Rai, SCM Nepal Coordinator informed us that the situation is getting worse, as the casualties increasing rapidly and there is not enough relief materials for people. They urgently need, food, water and temporary shelters. Rajesh has requested to pray for the people of Nepal and provide support including financial support to arrange basic commodities for people in the community. Therefore we seek your prayers, solidarity and support for the people of Nepal. Please send your financial support to SCM Nepal to arrange immediate relief materials for the earthquake victims.

    The AP region will arrange to send all the received donation for the earthquake relief to SCM Nepal. Therefore kindly transfer all your support to the given bank details below: Bank transfer:

    Bank Name: Hang Seng Bank Ltd.
    Bank Address: Mongkok Branch, 677 Nathan Road
    Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong
    Swift code: HASE HKHH
    Beneficiary Name: World Student Christian Federation Asia-Pacific Region
    Bank Account No: 283-7-716485
    By cheque:
    Make checks payable to:
    World Student Christian Federation — Asia Pacific Region. Unit 1-2, 18/F, Commercial Building, 280 Portland Street, Mongkok, Hong Kong
    By Credit Card (via PayPal): Please open the attached file to pay via PayPal

    It is our responsibility to pray, act with compassion for the people of Nepal at this difficult time the whole nation is going through.

    Comfort, comfort my people, says your God”.( Isaiah 40:1) Let’s join together to pray for Nepal…

    God of all comfort, We uphold the people of Nepal, Bangladesh and Northern India in our prayers who are the victims of the massive devastating earthquake. More than 5,000 people are dead in Nepal and the death toll keeps rising. Although no words can really help to ease the loss and pain, the people of Nepal bear, we pray to you God to comfort the bereaved families who lost their loved ones. We pray for the survivors especially children and elderly to recover from the injuries and trauma. We pray for the rescue workers, doctors, volunteers who have been serving relentlessly, strengthen and empower them so that they will continue their work saving many more lives. We seek your intervention to work in the hearts and minds of the leaders of the world to respond to the desperate situation in Nepal with their supports. May you give the much needed strength, hope and comfort to the people of Nepal to rebuild their houses and their lives Amen

    Rajesh Rai National Coordinator – SCM Nepal

    Immanuel Kitnan, Sunita Suna – Chairperson – WSCF- AP

    Sunita Suna Regional Secretary – WSCF-AP

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  8. One European SCM Member can go to the North American Regional Assembly could it be you?


    The WSCF – North America Region is hosting a Regional Assembly (NARA) on Algonquin Territory / Ottawa, Canada, on May 29th-June 2nd, and is inviting one student from the Europe region to attend the event. Will you or someone you know be that person?

    The slogan of the event is “Reconciliation Yesterday! Racism, “Coloniality” and Right Relations”. WSCF-NA will cover the board and lodging, and will also offer a small travel scholarship. In general, it is probable that the travel costs will be to a large extend reimbursed due to currently ongoing continuous fundraising effort. See more information about this event on the webpage of the NARA and in the attached flyer . Please note that the deadline for applications has been extended; however, you will need to apply as soon as possible. If you decide to apply, please send an email to me and CC: to by May 20th.
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  9. WSCF Tribute & Message for Rev. Dr. Philip Alford Potter



    The World Student Christian Federation (WSCF) joins the global ecumenical movement in remembering and celebrating the life of Rev. Dr. Philip Alford Potter who joined our creator on March 31, 2015 in Lubeck Germany at age of 93. A great ecumenical leader of this century who dedicated his life in the service to the churches and the Ecumenical Movement, the WSCF family is immensely honored to have become part of the life of Rev. Dr. Philip Potter.

    Philip Potter, born in Roseou Dominican on August 19, 1921, began his ecumenical journey as a young 19-year old theological student at the Methodist Caenwood Theogical Seminary in Jamaica where he became the Study Secretary of the Jamaican Student Christian Movement from 1944 to 1947. It was his leadership skills and gift of eloquent speech that enabled him to represent Jamaica SCM to the World Conference on Christian Youth in Oslo Norway and subsequently as the youth spokeperson  at the first two assemblies of the World Council of Churches (WCC) at Amsterdam in 1948 and Evanston in 1954.

    While pursuing higher theological studies in London in 1948, Philip Potter was appointed as Overseas Secretary for the Student Christian Movement of Britain and Ireland.  Salters Sterling, senior friend of SCM Ireland from the 60’s and current members of the WSCF Transtional Team remembers his first encounter with Philip ” as a towering presence, strikingly handsome, wonderfully literate in speech and in writing, immensely hospitable, appealingly wise, extraordinarily understanding, deeply spiritual and a hugely important example of a person with great leadership ability clearly from a non-caucasian culture. He was a younger D.T.Niles figure,” he added.

    It was during his term as Chairperson of WSCF from 1960 to 1968 that Philip Potter displayed his exceptional leadership and intellectual ability in leading the Federation in a critical and risky transitional period where debates on a new and radical theological understanding of the church’s mission in the university world in a post-colonial context was introduced.  Described by some as the period of the political storm that swept WSCF in the 60’s until the early 70’s, Potter led the WSCF in the decision process of decentralization, a shift from a Euro-centric leadership structure to regionalization, “reflecting the new mood of self-determination in third-world countries and the search for contextualization in theology and politics.” This transition was pivotal in the formation and strenthening of new movements  with a very strong political and theological orientation that the current generations of SCMs inherited and continues to live out.

    As a biblical scholar and astute political thinker, he believed in the dictum that ecumenical leaders should have “the Bible in one hand and the newspaper in the other.” Recalling his time in WSCF during an interview in Bad Segeberg, Germany in 2002, he reinterated the close relationship between biblical interpretation and newspaper analysis: “Without the Bible the newspaper is not very meaningful. And without the newspaper the Bible is not relevant.” And from the beginning it was a movement of both men and women together. “I believe it left its mark on all of us.”

    Among his many ecumenical involvements and accolades received, his time with SCM and WSCF remained close to his heart. Having described WSCF as his “first love” to Thomas Weiser, his ecumenical contemporary and co-author of the centennial book the First 100 Years of WSCF, he believed in empowering the youth and continued to support the ecumenical formation of youth and students, as an acknowledgement of his own ecumenical formation in the ecumenical youth movement. In honor of his contribution and commitment to WSCF, a Philip Potter Fund was launched by the Federation in November 2009.  The Fund was “meant to ensure that the generation of students today and those who come after share our experience of global ecumenical leadership formation.” Prior to this, Philip Potter became the first president of the WSCF Centennial Fund from 1993 to 2002.

    The legacy and ecumenical vision of Philip Potter has taken profound roots in the life and mission of the SCMs and WSCF today.  His belief and teaching of radical contextual theology highlighting his non-conformist position against racism and all forms of social injustice and human rights lives on and has inspired the work the SCMs in today’s era of neoliberal globalization, social injustice, increasing violence due to conflict and war. In his own words at the 1983 WCC Vancouver Assembly, he invited the ecumenical movement to be “truly a house of living stones, built on the rock of faith.”

    The World Student Christian Federation invites all its member movements, senior friends, networks and partners in offering prayers, remembering and celebrating the life of Rev. Dr. Philip Potter, a non-conformist and risk-taker, a beacon of the ecumenical movement, a leader with a prophetic vision and a world icon.

    WSCF Officers and Staff
    3 April 2015
    Geneva, Switzerland


    Ledger C.,WSCF History :
    Webb P.,Wieser T.,Sjollema B. , Tributes, At Home with God and in the World, A Philip Potter Reader, Philip A. Potter, Eds. by A. Fröchtling, M. Jagessar, B. Brown, R. Hinz, and D. Werner, WCC Publication 2013
    Sterling, S. email, 2 April 2015
    WSCF launches fund to honour Philip Potter, Federation News, April 2010
    Paul Löffler, “Sir, I Only Came with the Other Gentlemen!”Biography, At Home with God and in the World, A Philip Potter Reader, Philip A. Potter, Eds. by A. Fröchtling, M. Jagessar, B. Brown, R. Hinz, and D. Werner, WCC Publication 2013
    Hubert J. Charles, A Biographical Note on the Reverend Philip Alford Potter , April 17, 2010

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  10. Read the Official Report on the Staff & Officers Meeting 2015


    This years staff and Officers meeting was a huge success! Read our official report on it. To find out what happened.



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